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Destiny’s Ready for You Now

Summary: The moment has arrived for your emergence into the reality you’ve sensed in the electricity of the air and the deep currents of time. You are not alone in greeting a new reality. Pay attention to this moment, for it signals an answer to your inner call. If you feel less than adequately equipped to stand against what rises before you, whether that be criticism or challenge, plant yourself firmly. Take a big breath and go for it. It’s why you’re here, after all. Everything is falling into place and soon your spirit will be shining in self-recognition.

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Judgment  — Seven of Rods (reversed) — Eight of Pentacles (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Take a big breath and go for it. It's why you're here, after all. Everything is falling into place and soon your spirit will be shining in self-recognition. #pleiadian #tarot #ninespath Share on X


It’s time. Whether it’s to face the music or to play your own horn, the time has come for that change you’ve been anticipating. The last strains of the overture are fading into a blend of harmonic frequencies. The air is alive with vibrations of change. You feel it, and you need no mode of definition for what you’re experiencing. It’s not like what you’ve experienced before, anyway, so there really are not labels at hand to apply. You’re simply entering into the moment knowing that you’re where you’re supposed to be, where destiny has brought you. And you’re ready. You’ve been preparing. Now, you recognize the call in response to your prayers and your intention-setting. It seems that, in fact, the universe has been listening. The moment for the change you’ve been sensing you need to make has arrived. You’ve immersed yourself in thinking about what’s happening and paying attention to the subtle and not-so-subtle clues your dreams have wove into new stories. In the silence that follows the realization that an answer is coming, you might find yourself holding your breath. Yes, the anticipation is real, and gives a sense of life to the razor’s edge you’re balanced on. One reality now slices into another. You’re going to be fine. Higher forces than you’ve yet met are announcing themselves into your scene. Relax and greet what comes, and pay attention. You’ve been waiting for this moment. It’s here.

LODESTONE: Seven of Rods (reversed)

What you have to say might not be so well received by everyone in earshot. So what? Do you accept the suggestion that you continue to toe the line, to work in the background, to stay in your place? While the cacophony of naysayers attempts a coup of your personal sovereignty, stay within a space of clear demarcation of what’s yours to claim. You own your space and you have no intention of betraying yourself ever again. You know the bitter taste of giving up on yourself and there’s no reason to ever do that again. Rather, you’ve learned the hard way how to stand your ground. You may even have surprised yourself that in saying what you have to say, you’ve not only managed to stay on your feet, but you’re even more firmly planted in a solid sense of self. You have every right to be where you are, and you have a duty to carry out your soul’s mission on this world. Carry it with honor and face what comes at you with compassion borne of traveling the hard road to self-knowledge. See any challenge as a force of Nemesis, present to strengthen and purify what you carry within to the point that you can be at ease with your own inner power. You’re called right now to remember the divine source from which you have come. If you hear criticism designed to hold you down, strengthen your resolve and remember why you’re here. Believe in yourself, even if no one, for the moment, seems to. You’re in the midst of change.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Eight of Pentacles (reversed)

Hard work pays off in one way or another. Sometimes, that’s to see how much you’ve contributed to something greater than yourself. What part you’ve played in another’s plans matter little at this moment, however, compared to the part you’re here to play for yourself. You have the total confidence of your soul to do what you’re here to do. Turn toward the inner plane of your awareness and focus your efforts there. Self-development from learned discipline, enhanced awareness from devoted attention to refinement of the inner gold of your spirit… this is the task before you now. You’ve applied yourself to so many episodes of personal evolution through a great variety of life experiences. Each has taught you something, given you some secret prize of inner spiritual attainment. Reflect on that now, for your path has offered much in the way of nurturance of spirit and character. Let the bigger picture arrange itself into a pattern in which you can recognize the highest essence of soul satisfaction, in accord with your divine self-knowing. It is a moment of sublime humility juxtaposed with enlightened self-recognition. What you see reflected in the moment ahead is your own soul’s smiling countenance. Keep polishing.


“You are creating peace on multiple levels of being when you find peace in a single moment regarding a single moment’s treasures. If you continue to maintain your awareness of peace within the world of duality, of illusion, you will eventually come to the place in which you emerge from the old and take a deep breath of the new.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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