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Getting Aligned for the Future

Pace yourself… There’s time to do everything you have to do, but for sure you can’t do it all at once. Rather than push yourself into impossible situations, take things as they come. Otherwise, you may find you’ve painted yourself into a corner and given yourself a definite lack of movement when you’ll need it. Rather, if you pace yourself now, you’ll move at a steady rate in the right direction. Before you know it, you’ll be through the gate and on the other side of the situation. There’s wisdom in refining the details now. Attention to the purpose and intent of what you’re doing is going to anchor your trajectory, giving you more control and freedom in the long run. There’s nothing wrong with making sure everything is tuned up and running smoothly. Getting a fix on your target sometimes means pausing and recalibrating your path. Do it now so you can move freely when things are more clear internally.

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The internal work that you’ve been doing has been changing everything in the terrain ahead of you. Ironic, isn’t it? While reason may dictate that you have to plot out every detail of your course so you don’t run into any pitfalls, the truth of the matter is that you can overwork things when you try too hard to make everything perfect. All you have to make perfect is your inner vision, and that comes with clearing the inner obstacles. Then the outer ones will resolve. As you’ve been letting go of ballast and polishing up your inner mirror of self-reflection, that’s exactly what’s been happening. The time is ripening, where the inner spiritual work is morphing into physical movement. That means you’ll be moving not just to get somewhere, but to get into alignment with destiny’s map, the one your soul has drawn up.

From where you stand, you may have a clear view of where you think you need to go, but not so much in the actual world of physical reality. Don’t fret. Even if you only have an idea, only a wish or the wisp of a memory, soon you will see the landscape come into color and form around you. You will be moving but not until you are finished with the inner preparation. That’s coming to a head now. This is the time for making sure you’re facing forward. Are you able to put yourself into the picture that’s taking shape in the future? You’ve done good work thus far. What the future holds is far, far different than anything you’ve been thinking it might be. You have to be ready for that. Get straight with inner truth and make sure you make sense to yourself before you launch out into the wild blue.

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This post focuses awareness on the three-card spread of this week’s Pleiadian Tarot message. Get a deeper understanding of the movement of Nine through your reality. Join a discussion of Pleiadian tarot posts at the Roundtable Forum. On Facebook? Join the Pleiadian Tarot group!


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