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You’ve been given the time and space to do some deep digging. While dimensionality may have seemed to collapse around you, it is within you that you have discovered an expanded terrain. Having been given this, and a rustic set of tools with which to work it, have you taken full advantage of the situation? Behind you, the sun is setting on a period of time out of time. The ground you have dug into lay like a wake, testament to the foundational upturning you have wisely engaged in. Grateful for the opportunity to focus in such a way, now you turn. Now is the time for the inbreath. As eager as you may be to release all that you’ve gathered within, there remains a pause. The conductor’s baton has not yet signaled the time of engagement with the next movement of the score. Time remains suspended. Sound stills. Just for a moment. What has been prepared for, though yet unknown, is about to begin. With what you have had at hand, you’re ready. Settle into the silent upbeat, and focus.

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At this point of vacuum, nothing has been lost. Pressure hangs in a re-ordered angularity within the space of being. You feel it, at once compressing within yourself and outwardly having released mathematical restrictions impeding the shifting of geometric stability. There is more than just your own sense of ingathering; within the holographic whole, there has been initiated an inbreath, a preparation for motion. The collective has done the plowing, digging, and recuperation of what has been unearthed in the activity of foundational consideration of reality. Within the silence, the reverberations of what had been as crashing, thundering noise has lessened. The roar has lost its intensity. In the remaining fluctuations that hover in the shared space of conscious awakening, truth, like photons riding on sunbeams, streams into view. Illuminated particles of information swirl, those that remain within the vacuum created by a collective breath of preparation. A gasp will complete the assimilation of particulate reality. You who are ready will witness what is to be.

In all the moments strung together that have preceded this turn of universal awareness, have you noticed the pieces of this and that which you have collected have become amalgamated? As if by some kind of interpolational physics, tiny tidbits gleaned from what lay beneath your feet have self-assembled to the point that you hold in your hand something coherent, something born of your willing instinct engaging with the fertility of a shared creation of reality. You’ve found some hidden treasures. Some have found you. The mission you found thrust upon you has yielded something unexpected, something unmistakable and perfect in framework, if not yet form. Are you surprised by how stealthily the shifting significance of reality has drawn you into a novel construct? If so, it is something you can get used to, as stealth and irony are some of the most stunning, if not appealing, aspects of what you could call a universal mind. You are a function of this. As the final moments hang and expectancy gathers its voice, stay focused on the temporal opening just ahead. Maintain your groove, and be ready. Relax. The details are sorting themselves out.

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