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Reconnect to Your Inner Reserves of Strength

Re-connect… Your inner reserves of strength are doing just fine. They’re waiting for you to make a more substantial connection, in fact. You run the risk of depleting yourself when you push so long and so diligently in pursuit of a goal. Even the most noble of goals, the ones that fill you with vigor and hope of a mission well done, can lead to a need to get into those inner reserves of strength. You are more than a machine, so don’t treat yourself like one. You are on the road to becoming more fully human, and you are doing the work it takes to lead others to a trustworthy route to finding that fulfillment themselves. Now is a time of great change. Big gears are shifting. Push in the clutch and find that space within that will give you more horsepower when you re-engage.

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For now, though, it may well be a time to take a break, rest, and reflect on what you’re doing. When a big pursuit comes to its point of culmination, life takes on a new feel. If you keep pushing as you have been, you might stumble, costing yourself time and well-being. Instead of chugging, let yourself glide into neutral. Remember what it feels like to trust the elements, to recognize the wind, the feel of water, the solidity of earth and the lights of promise overhead in the night sky. Feel these things, and let them remind you of your own elemental nature. Deep within, you are pure power. Deep within, you have limitless strength. Sink into that as you relax from what you’ve been powering through, and let the eternal knowing of that envelop you.

What’s coming for you will ask you for all you have. Your inner reserves of strength are indeed enough to get you through the transformation that your soul has to present to you. You are already feeling the shift as power takes on a new level of intensity, as those things no longer suited to the world to be fall away. You are being tended well by your soul, streamlined of time’s accoutrements and prepared for a timeless adventure wherein you find the treasure of treasures. Remember that you have these inner reserves of strength, and ponder while you relax into the remembrance of them what they source from. Life, love, light… these are the pure elements in which strength cannot be measured, of which strength is the core essence of being. You are of these elements. Reconnect to that core.

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