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Reflect on the Light You Carry

Summary: With so much going on, so much activity, you are wise to take some time for yourself. Reflect on your journey, as it’s changed and/or changing. However, be sure to maintain those connections to others who are part of your landscape. You carry a lot on your own, it’s true, and what you are coming to, as a point of departure is for you alone to encounter. The solitary spiritual quest need not imply loneliness, if you remember your connections and your accomplishments along the wisdom road.

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The Hermit (reversed)  — Ten of Rods — Two of Rods

reflect Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot weekly readingTake a short rest to reflect now; grant yourself a moment to catch your breath. Feel what you've accomplished and let the goodness sink into your being. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Share on X

FOUNDATION: The Hermit (reversed)

It’s been busy lately. A lot has been happening on a lot of levels, both within your own mind and on the world stage. Behind the scenes, especially, is where the action is happening. You’ve been hard at work moving toward a goal, one that you know is answering a call from your soul. You know that what you have before you, on your plate right now, is vital to the mission you entered into in this lifetime. However, it’s not going to make any impact if you don’t take needed time for your inner self. In the midst of getting things done, be sure that you have a clear and strong connection with what goes on inside. Reflect, make space, but be wary of retreating so far you end up cutting yourself off from the very people who are joining you on your quest. It’s together that the wonderful things happen. Even if you have to do what you’re doing on your own, be mindful of your part in the world. Reflect on that, if you need to, and keep a thread of your attention connected to the ones who matter. Soon, what you’ve been nurturing within will shine far and wide.

LODESTONE: Ten of Rods

You’re well on your way to reaching the goal you set for yourself long ago. Along the way, you’ve picked up some skills and insights, and they’ve helped you get this far on your journey. As you take a short rest to reflect now, grant yourself a good solid moment to catch your breath. Feel what it is that you’ve accomplished already and let the goodness of your merits sink into your being. Giving that moment of reflection to yourself right now is going to help you get to where you’re heading. You need to refresh. There’s no shame in taking a minute to tap into your reserves of strength. They will fill up again; just open your heart to your destiny, knowing that you are on the right road. Gather what you have within and prepare to move on to the next step of your quest. If that seems like a wise idea, it may well be that what lay ahead requires some regrouping on your part. Remember, you’re not traveling alone.


What lay ahead is something worth fully appreciating. After you set down your burdens and refresh your spirit, you’ll be ready for a change of scenery. In fact, once you finish what you’re working on now, you’re going to have a neat little package in hand, something that is more than merely the amalgamation of what you’ve been working on. It will be something alive with a life and spirit of its own, and it will be yours to offer. What better to present the world than a refreshed version of itself? Thus, you may see the wisdom in refreshing your own self, for you are going to be the one presenting something new and fresh. It’s best if you’ve had the benefit of a little time to reflect and recalibrate, yourself. When you do, you’ll be plenty ready to let go of the things you have always thought about yourself, those activities by which you defined your worth, and latch onto something altogether new, vibrant, and robust. A new day’s dawning for you. You’ll be in the perfect frame of mind to greet it when it comes.


“Be aware of your soul’s tone of frequency and secret nodes of light, and remember what you came to be on Earth to do. Your lessons, dreams and reality all reflect some aspect of remembrance, and your creations likewise reflect your understanding of your remembrance of your soul’s intent.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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