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From Abuse of Power to Righteous Empowerment

Overstepping bounds… In a world of free will, the lure of exercising one’s will can easily lead to abuse of power. Witness the current situation around you. Somewhere, you are sensing that the time has come for you to get grounded in that specific free-will way available to you, in putting your foot down. Somewhere, things have gotten out of hand. You hold the key to setting things straight. Before you take it in hand, pause. Get in front of a mirror, whether that’s alone in your room or in a good heart-to-heart with someone you can be honest with. Find your inner core of divine knowing and follow it to higher understanding: pray. You know things have to change. Divine insight will show you how that can be, to everyone’s benefit.

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It may well be that you’ve learned how to operate in a rather masterful way within your own sphere of influence. Just as abuse of power is a potential circumstance in a world of free will, so is abnegation of self. Setting aside your own call to divine self-expression is a denial of the invitation to live in love; it is cutting yourself off from the only true power in this or any world. And just as abuse of power is a kind of ego trip, so is subservience a play of ego, as well. Have you been playing hide-and-seek with yourself lately? Have you been coming across clues that tell you that something is not right in the place of power? If so, give yourself some credit, and dare to expand from where you’ve become accustomed to sitting. Decide whether the boundaries you dwell behind are there for good reason, or if it’s time to overstep them and explore a little further beyond what’s been known and comfortable.

The edifice of control has been knocked off its foundation. It may not yet be apparent to all, but you are seeing how what you’ve been dealing with is beginning to lose some of its righteous appearance. While the fires of transformation sweep over the face of the world you know, one thing is becoming clear: what’s been held in abeyance has to reach for the prize. Symbols are being stripped down to their skeletons. The bare meaning of what has passed for truth is up for all to see. Abuse of power is giving way to righteous empowerment, not for appearances or to play a role, but for the human spirit to step into its rightful expression, integrated with divine purpose, soul blueprint, love. Tuning in to the inner antenna, fearlessly now, is going to help you make sense of everything.

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