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Turning Point of Power

Summary: Let yourself appreciate this moment, for it is a turning point in the wheels of power, on every level of reality. Appreciate, as well, the gift that you bear, choosing to see it as life-affirming rather than back-breaking. You have just a little further to go before you deliver it to the door of fate. What lay ahead is a time of clarification, correlation, and relief. Enjoy the show.

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Wheel of Fortune  — Ten of Rods — Five of Rods (reversed)

This is a turning point, from carrying a burden to bearing miracles in the making. You were destined for this. And you've got it. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Wheel of Fortune

If you sit for a moment and look back over your life’s journey of the past several years, do you feel like a lot has changed? Quite likely, because it has. In fact, you might even feel like you’re in a different world. However, truth be told, that different world is still a world in flux. Though a little fine-tuning is still in order, it’s just on the edge of becoming. A massive cycle has come to a turning point, and you are sitting in review of something of truly gargantuan proportions, when you take it all in perspective. Who you were just a few years ago might not recognize who you are now, were you to meet yourself along the lines of time. What has shifted? Karmically speaking, everything. The awakening requires much of those who are committed to rising with the times. Getting sucked down into the vortex of a dying world doesn’t take much effort. While you look at where you’ve come from, appreciate who you’ve become. You are tipping the scales, dear one, about to make your mark indelibly on the reality that’s on the threshold. Hold no fear as ancient mysteries reveal their secrets.

LODESTONE: Ten of Rods

Just when you get to the end of a big job, it’s quite understandable to feel like you just don’t have what it takes to push yourself toward the goal of completion, job well done. Everything you’ve done is for naught if you don’t, though. This isn’t a time to rest, not just yet. That time is just ahead. Knowing that, push on. Keep the steady pace you’ve fallen into, accept the upgrades you’ve been given not as special dispensations from a great lord but as necessary enhancements to your divine human-ness that you’ll need to get to the end of the road and through the gate. You are special, there is no doubt. You are surrounded by special people, once you consider it. Your own power and your own journey are the point of consideration now, however. While you’re feeling the weight of what you carry, allow yourself to appreciate what it is. Is it a burden or a gift? Are you the bearer of the makings of a new world, or are you dragging the weight of an old one behind you? The way ahead has no use for whatever baggage may still be latched onto you. You’ve more important things to attend to. The sooner you realize that you carry the stuff that makes magic happen, the sooner you’ll find you have everything you need to get where you’re going. Your soul knows the way. This is a turning point, from carrying a burden to bearing miracles in the making. You were destined for this. And you’ve got it.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Five of Rods (reversed)

Just ahead of you is space where you can drop everything and take a breath. Not yet, but soon, you can look forward to letting everything go. What a turning point in your journey that will be! When you do finally let fall all that you’ve been carrying, things will start to make sense, and details will sort themselves out. What’s been contentious will seem simple; what’s been heavy will feel like it’s just blown away in the wind. You do have that to look forward to. Let things sort themselves out internally, in the meantime. Clarify your thoughts by setting things down physically, if that helps. Sort through things in your surroundings as an exercise in sorting through threads of contention. If you haven’t been bothered by anything in the world, if you’ve been diligent in doing the work of detaching from the drama, you may feel like sitting back and watching as the debris field of transformation sweeps across the landscape. Magnetic alignments will bring people into their truth, soon. When that happens, any scuffles will seem anti-climactic, if not downright entertaining. A turning point in dynamics can be like that. What a relief!


“Grin, and even the most tenacious of diabolical thought-forms will lose its integrity and dissolve. You are perpetrating the most drastic of acts when you are letting your imagination be directed by your soul to clear remaining debris created by your ego over lifetimes. The scary monster of your previous experience must obey your soul’s command to beat it.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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