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No More Pretending

Who are you?… You’re being asked to dig deep lately. Get into the nitty-gritty of your truth. Of course, this is all happening behind the scenes, where you live. However, be aware that as soon as you reach the dead end of the exploration into how you feel about your experience, you’re going to want to express it. Even if you don’t want to, you’re going to be compelled to, so you better be as honest as you can with yourself. In reaching the end of the line with regard to your inner evaluation, there’s no more pretending to be who or what you are not destined to be. If you continue, you will be wrenched into a face-to-face with your higher self. Maybe this is what’s needed now, and maybe this is what will happen. If so, it’s a clear signal from your Self to your self that you’ve finally found the end of one thread and the beginning of another. Time to splice yourself back together with destiny.

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The smile you wear is getting tired of playing the part of satisfaction for you. Deep down, you sense that you’re missing out on something. What is that something hiding behind? Is it ego? Is it fear? Is it simply the tired acquiescence of fulfilling the role others have cast you in? Chances are, whatever it is for you personally is resting in a nest of anger, so approach it with awareness of your energetic balance. Approach it with boldness born of giving yourself what you’re owed: an open door to walk through into the bigger you that’s waiting. To remain in place behind a plastic smile is only going to antagonize that inner anger. To approach the anger with insincerity is to whip it into an inner fury. If you want to pass over the fire without being burned, you must avow yourself to no more pretending and get real. Own what you feel. Then move on into an honest evaluation, having dropped all pretense.

Some part of you is whispering for you to decode to be finished with the acting. To shed the persona, to release the hold of inappropriate actions that stem not from divine self-knowing but from the practiced hand of one well-trained in knowing their place. As soon as you begin to listen, you begin to integrate that fractured higher knowing that’s telling you it’s time to get real. You hold the choice in your hand. As soon as you realize that, you know what to do. The moment for everything to come together is upon you. Feel how big your heart is and know that there’s room for your wholeness within. Embrace it and move into the authenticity that’s possible when there’s no more pretending to be done. Then the embers of anger will shift into the nurturing warmth of having moved through a personal transformation.

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