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Remember Who You Are

Summary: This magic moment whispers to you, “Remember who you are.” Before you, the promise your soul carries, arriving to your vision as you step out of the circle you have drawn around yourself. Come now into a realization of your true power and awesomeness. When you do, you’ll see just how easy it is to change the world. With your heart aligned with your soul’s purpose, in recognition of your journey’s true beauty, the next step in integration shows you what power you hold within. Let it flow.

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Ace of Cups  — Queen of Rods — Ten of Cups

The moment whispers, remember who you are. Bravado has no place where bravery exists. Feel that, own it. Align your heart with what you speak into being. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet


Like never before, now is a time to remember who you are. Your power and your ability to understand yourself through it have never been so clear. Have you been practicing the use of it? Before you slip into any habitual excuses or practiced lines that have defined you in any way, step out of where you have stood into the clearing before you. What do you see, when you allow your eyes to relax on your reflection in the shimmering vault of pure consciousness you sense there? Allow only possibility without constrictions of ideation to arise. Anything less, and you do yourself a disservice in this silent breath of time. Now is a time to feel creative life pulsate through your entire being. Be filled with it, let it remind you who you are, where you come from, and give you a clear vision of where you can go. Everything beyond that is up to you, so it is well to be in step with your soul at this moment. Remember, your soul has no need for rules and rhyme. Your soul is a lord of time, fractionating your awareness of self into a prism of light shards, each carrying the holographic seed of divine perfection as “I AM”. Remember who you are now, and find no need to complete that sentence. Let “I am” be enough, for truly it is everything.

LODESTONE: Queen of Rods

Settle down in comfort while you contemplate the balance of power, and how it has come to be resting so comfortably in your hands. You’ve no need to blast your blazing light at anyone, nor to destroy anything with your might. The true measure of power, which you have (feel it), is in being at home in it. It is in transforming the world through your truth, in wielding the strength of a lion with the gentleness of a kitten. Gentleness is a form of power often left unexplored, but it is to your great advantage now to go exactly there and make some delightful discoveries about just how powerful you can be, without even breaking a sweat, nor casting a haggard eye at anyone you may think you know better than. That doesn’t mean to be a pussycat, however; speak your truth and watch illusions crumble. Bravado has no place where true bravery exists. Feel that and own it. Your courage now is perfectly poised to change the world. You may not want to catch more flies with honey, but you certainly will melt more than a few stubborn hearts with the formidable power of love. Understand.


You have nothing more than to declare things to be, and they can be. When your heart is aligned with what you speak into being, you can only find the way to the promised land, for the heart will always and only lead you to where you and your soul have an appointment for discovery. You’ve done with believing in illusions. You’ve swept the way clean of the debris of those you’ve shattered and now, just ahead, you have room to breathe. Whatever you do in the next bend of light, remember who you are, why you’re here, and get yourself in alignment with what has survived the recent turmoil. Final shakedown happens and it’s really no more than a deft movement to clear the air. When you’re aligned with love, when you have done the inner clearing of nonsense, you will find all of your hopes, dreams, and seeds to be turning into reality. The way before you is clear. Let the joy of knowing you have reached the soft grass of home give you strength as you plot your course along the timestream ahead of you. Time is flowing to meet you now. With fewer illusions and a clear heart, you give yourself the promise you’ve always meant to keep… one you may have forgotten. Now, it’s time to remember.


“On your reality of rim of mountain home being comfortably reached: See yourself waking to a cozy fire, a nice breakfast — a doorway is created. All you have to do is see your hand on the doorknob, turning it and opening the door, and that reality becomes a real reality. Quite that simple? Yes. But our assessment adds another dimension of action which you do not possess, and that is the belief that you can leave one reality while still operating in another. And you can. It is as simple as ripping a seal of an envelope.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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