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Respect the Natural Flow

Regulate the flow… Giving without receiving could be considered a leak. Likewise, receiving without giving could be seen as a black hole. There are extremes, of course, but right now, it is well to consider the balance of flow in your own situation. The spirit of giving begins with self-care, with giving to yourself all that is required to maintain your personal equilibrium is going to have an effect on everything you do and experience. Where have you been extending your outward flow of heart and material wealth, your energy and your time? Have you felt the balance of fulfillment in those spheres? It’s not so much about give and take as it is about respecting a natural flow. Step back and observe what works in nature, and consider your life as part of nature.

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Anxiety is a normal, if undesirable, effect of having gone past a limit of good sense. It is well to avoid it where possible, for the times that are upon the world call for a calm inner state of well-being to be anchored securely within individuals in awareness. Anxiety is also a result of willing blindness to a problem, and right now that is likely happening in relation to a torquing effect of time. Time is money, it is said, and money is energy. Where are you using any of these unwisely, or, more specifically, where are you not giving yourself enough of any of them? To deplete yourself now in any way is to disadvantage yourself for what is brewing on the transformational scene. It’s probably a good time to consider clearing the decks and taking a little time out for yourself. Get your affairs in order so you can spring into action when the time comes for your gifts to be shared with those who will be in need of your special brand of loving-kindness.

The world is undergoing a rebalancing of energies as well. There is a sense that the flow of wealth, power, and goodwill has been skewed and must come to rights. It will become apparent that the reasons behind giving give power to the giving, and rightful use of power will be a key component of rebalancing systems of all kinds. Your own power is a microcosm of human empowerment. Treat yourself kindly, wisely, and with the grace of nature in reabsorbing the energy of transformation into new life. What you do with yourself right now will feed a greater system of natural flow of energies. Give yourself credit for that, and begin to get things more finely tuned.

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