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What’s the Point?

War dance… There are at least two sides to the story, and everyone concerned has a point to make. Words have been said, deeds done, documents signed and fates sealed. Or so it seems. To be a fair fight, if it’s a fight that’s being sought, requires both sides to bear arms. Is this impasse impossible? Is it really necessary to go the full distance with this dance? There’s a partnership involved, even in a fight, and when one partner has chosen to modulate the dance steps, what then? How can you parry when your partner has dropped the offensive and shifted into a whole new tune? It’s been coming in the background for a while now. It’s been up to you to sense whether things have changed or not, and to change your stance accordingly. You have that much leverage, either way. You can keep dancing to the music in your head, or drop the pretense of battle altogether and move into another arena of interaction.

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Of course, you may feel quite sure that you’ve been keeping up with the changes in rhythm and tempo. You may even have managed to keep all your weapons of sharp words and slick moves well in hand. In the struggle for power, you’re overlooking something. Perhaps. It’s possible, you know. Within every dynamic is a zero point of ultimate power. It’s the great unknown within the movement that fuels both the fight and the dance. They are, in the final analysis, one and the same, at least from the perspective of a more elevated intelligence. You could keep going around in circles, encroaching ever closer yet never really getting to the central point, forever. It certainly seems like that’s the way things are going. Are you really wanting to do that with your precious time and energy, though? At some point, you have to ask yourself what it is that you’re really after here.

Either you’re dealing with a level of mastery that’s demanding you maintain your poise, or you’re looking at the need to shift into a new paradigm of self-assessment and power plays. Whatever it is that presents itself to you has been building in steam over a very long time, and reaches a point of absurdity. You can choose to follow the program, of course, and to go further into the mad pursuit of point-making. If you do, realize that the sword cuts both ways. You can choose, as well, to recognize that what’s been the subtext in a long play of words has been itself a code that reveals that hidden secret in the midst of music and mayhem. If you decide to move with the flow of wisdom and truth, you will hardly be moving at all. Merely maintaining your balance. Let fall the pretense of valor. Pride asks not so much to be defended now, but to be released. At the central point of the spiral, Nine spins codes of power. Zero in on that and see what love can do.

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