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Weekly Message

Nine Brings It All Together

Summary: Calculations might not have added up, when you look at your plans and creations. Let go of inbuilt limitations of planning and creating, and open yourself up to massive new ideations. Liberate your creativity that love may work through you, and you’ll find a new surge of life. Deal with what memory and time brings now, letting all else to naturally move with the energies of the day. Having brought your own past and present into balance, honoring the grand design of a more refined geometry, you are set to enter a bold, wonderful landscape. It only requires you to change.

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Six of Pentacles (reversed) — Two of Pentacles — Page of Rods

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Having brought past and present into balance, honoring a more refined geometry, you're set to enter a wonderful landscape. It only requires you to change. #pleiadian #divinity #transformation #worldchange Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Six of Pentacles (reversed)

You were going to save the world. You were fully prepared to do whatever was required to ensure that those who had been left out in the cold, those who were unaware of their ignorance, were brought into the fold. However, it seems you yourself were the one needing to be saved. This is all well and good, no need to despair. You can’t blithely believe that you had the right track while so much of the story remained untold. There is more to comprehend, more to learn, more to behold than what you had been keeping in balance within your sphere of mental sanctity. Recent reality checks have brought you into alignment with a more humble road than the high one, yet how much more noble might it really be? You are set to find out. You can’t fight it any longer, not without losing yourself in the battle. Now, bring your mind in line with what your senses are actually sensing, rather than a doctrinaire interpretation of things, and you’ll stand a better chance at making a difference in the world. That’s what matters now, far more than what you think of things.

LODESTONE: Two of Pentacles

In gaining insight, those things that are out of sight must be considered. Some of them are distractions. Some are secrets you’ve been trying to crack for some time. Your best mode of operation, with all that’s coming ashore for you to deal with, is to know what to consider and what is better left to the tide. Cycles move in grand circles, bringing into your space certain pieces of information, souvenirs, snippets of verse long ago committed to memory. Can you balance this moment with all that comes back to you now? Do try. Streamline what you can. No matter how tempting it may be to dive back into time’s spiraling revolutions, rest easy. Ground yourself into now. What you need to consider right now is in your hands already. The ebb and flow of temporal dynamics has already deposited with you something to bring into balance from the past with where your path has brought you, through time, into now. You are dealing with disparate points of awareness, both your own, both valid from the perspective of your awareness from within those points of time. Bring it all together now. Let the revelations speak to you. Listen and learn.


If you can just manage to be in a state of non-anticipatory awareness, you could find yourself at the edge of a whole new reality. It’s not that you can’t dream a new world into being, nor that you can’t envision what, ideally, should come. It’s nothing like that. Rather, it’s the appearance, soon, of an entry point that your soul has long anticipated. Energies may be high, and the geometries of transformation may be overwhelming in the background of all that’s been happening. Can you get a grip on what’s happening with your own transformation, though, and let the rest sort itself out? You may not be able to muscle mountains into position, but you do have the power to change the landscape, and to recognize where and when you gain entry into the scenery that’s been calling you all along. You’re starting to realize that you might have had a pale idea of what was to come, compared to what actually lay just ahead on your trek of the soul. Following the path of Nine is getting into a state of total trust with a divinity greater and grander than you can dream up. The reality is big and getting bigger. When you arrive at recognition, the love you have summoned to get there will echo back in positive clarity, “Yes!”.


“You are a miracle maker, and you are the chooser of your own destiny. All the possible realities are available to you as soon as you set your sights in the direction of them. The path of least resistance is usually the one that you discover after you let go of the structures of thought that have given you some sense of security. When it comes to making dreams into reality or bringing a miracle into being, such handy tools become cumbersome or downright in the way. Drop them, even if it’s for a moment.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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