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You Begin

Good for you… Working through all the stuff you’ve been dealing with lately is paying off in ways that might not yet be apparent. Keep going, though, because you’re getting closer to the clearing, where sense and grace are to be found. In fact, grace is to be found everywhere, all the time; it’s only cloudy lenses that warp the field of vision, making it appear just out of reach. As you move forward in trust, in faith, you will see things change. It’s not a matter of chance, but if you think it might be, chances are that change is happening in a way that’s overall favorable for the dream that’s being dreamed coming true. If luck is all you have to trust, trust luck. Once you do, it changes luck into something else altogether. In the space of mist and illusion, a doorknob appears. It’s up to you to turn it.

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You’re in a period of adjustment now, following a shift of deep underground basics. Foundations have moved and are now supporting radically different architectures. All this is happening out of sight and beyond the limb of what’s perceptible in outright black-and-white terms. While you’re moving through the shades of grey toward what you hope will be a wide-open space of clarity, you’re moving through the actual field of faith. Especially if you have no tangible thread upon which to rest your mind, faith is ever-more important now. Test it by trusting it. Conspire with yourself to remember your source, release the final tethers of mental constructs, and find yourself free. All that you had been depending on, after all, was just the scaffolding. The core pattern is solid. It will hold.

You know you know what to do. You might not know how it will happen or where to go to get to the destination. There’s little left to rely on at this point, after trying all the tools of your trade, but faith itself. Not faith in something, just faith, period. If that’s all you carry now, can you trust that it will do the job? Your intuition will hone your ability to understand where your next step should land. Everyone is having the same experience, to some degree, so rather than blindly follow the advice of hacks and sages, if what you’re hearing doesn’t jibe with your own antenna, don’t necessarily feel obliged. You will have clarity, if you keep moving, even if right now you don’t feel it will ever come. When your mind wanders into the realm of unknowing, find yourself there in an aura of self-contained truth, faith in your own beingness, faith in the process you are undergoing, faith that you are becoming a new version of yourself. Step by step, you are. Soon, you will enter into a state of recognition. For now, though, relax the deepest parts of yourself, that the hard and fast tethers may unlatch and set your spirit free to expand in higher levels of knowing.

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