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World Merge

Waiting patiently at the edge of the world, you’ve seen a lot happen. From where you stand, you’ve gained the gifts that come with faith, hope, and love. Everything about your present circumstance in this moment contributes to the depth of meaning in what you see. Past experience affords you a sense of strength and sturdiness. You can, if you choose to direct your attention willfully, entrain your backbone to the essential line of wisdom in what you have lived through. In what had been the merest acts of survival are the living manifestations of faith. Far from what you’ve come through being something to forget, there is life and beauty to claim as your own individual sovereignty. From where you now stand, you’ve got your own back by merit of your faith in yourself. Now, you face something altogether unknown, a new world, the edge of something coming to meet the edge at which you stand, patiently waiting, and aware. Feel the power of this time!

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There is no time now to question what you’ve done. You’ve done what was yours to do, and few loose ends remain to distract you from what lay ahead. Settle into that realization with a sense of gratitude for yourself. What shimmers into form at the far edge of perception has begun to take form. There’s a resilience to it that wasn’t present before, when you were mired in doubt. You’ve managed to pull your feet from that sinking sand, if you realized that’s what had been the foundation. Perhaps it was simply an old reality giving way, like rotting boards beginning to sink in the compressed dimension of a world being crushed under the weight of its own centripetal delusion. There’s firm footing for you, risen from the shifting shoreline under your feet. Here you stand, gaining your balance, getting used to the sensorium taking in an expanded perspective, a heightened and more refined quality to the atmosphere itself. As if crystalline, you see through the window of time into a sharpened understanding of self, choice, and fate.

What approaches now, to merge with this world you have stepped out of, is itself multifaceted. While sensing a directed focusing of the inward state in alignment with the arrow of time, you are simultaneously presented with the kaleidoscopic unfolding of a multidimensional expansion of both time and space. The effect can be somewhat disorienting, to say the least. Questions of situational awareness arise, in every aspect of meaning. Are you where you’re supposed to be? Is this pull toward something or somewhere else legitimate? Is everything changing, dying, being reborn? Yes, yes, and yes. This crystalline world you sense just ahead liquefies as it merges with the solid structure you have known. The vector that carries you into what is yet to be is bringing you step by step, molecule by precious molecule, into perfect alignment for your simultaneous arrival and reception, your transformation of being and translation of spatio-temporality. Consider the lingering moments as they melt into becoming. Observe the gathering and honor the life in what survives as time’s verified legacy.

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