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Have No Fear

Summary: Has the dramatic shift in what you see taken you by surprise? Has what’s happened in your mind shocked you? Startled awake, you see things have changed. Or has it just been a shift in outlook that’s put things in a different order? Time is master now. Ancient undercurrents rise, giving you sudden safe passage and a clarified mission. Perhaps you forgot. Remembrance pulls you inextricably onward. There is a certain power you’re about to discover. Move past the boundaries with joy, and you’ll find yourself exactly where you are most needed, and most naturally at home.

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Knight of Rods — Six of Swords — Queen of Rods

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Movement concealed for eons comes to the surface. All you have to do to keep your balance is to respond as it rises. It will carry you where you need to be. #pleiadian #divinity #sovereignty #worldchange Share on X

FOUNDATION: Knight of Rods

Things as they are have been going on for quite some time. Those who have guarded the way have reached the point where they no longer move with the troops. A signal has risen, calling for action, reassembly, response. While it’s not yet in full swing, there’s a definite shift in direction. A change in tactic. What are you witnessing that mirrors a growing awareness within yourself, a sense that your mission isn’t any longer on hold, or on the path of “wait and see”? Pay attention to your mind’s sudden epiphanies. This is evidence that you’re ready to learn. There is more to the picture, and you’re ready to see it. Already, you’re deviating from the path that’s been carrying you in a certain direction. The turn might not happen as you suspect. In fact, it’s likely that you’ve been only peripherally aware of the landscape and its characters taking different positions. Really, what’s happening isn’t so much that they have moved as it is that you have. Your perspective is radically different, believe it or not. If it is, congratulations, you’ve been paying attention. If it isn’t, it soon may be. Be aware of holding onto the reins too tightly. Are you knuckles white with the effort to control the legions of a collective revelation? Whatever comes, be it from the shadows, the underworld, or from within the blinding light of day, you are ready. Collect your energies and get moving. You’ve still got some discoveries to make about yourself, but at least you’re on the alert, and on a mission.

LODESTONE: Six of Swords

All the arguments are lining up for what appears to be groundbreaking revelations. Are you doing your best to keep up with the flow of information? If you are not asleep, you are, and if you’re just waking up, you’ve got some catching up to do. As the current is shifting with the changing landscape, be aware that the undercurrent has never really changed. For time untold, it has been moving unseen, powerfully supporting the periods of turbulence and calm on the surface of things. Now that the undercurrent is rising, you may be sensing a massive revision of your reality map. Hold on, and see if you can move with the flow. As you become aware of the power therein, what you assumed to be a mere undertow may present itself as a torrent. What rises with the otherwise hidden deep current is the inevitable knowing. As it reveals its secrets, it reveals its power. All at once, the direction is becoming clear. You can no longer guess which way to go, but to align yourself with the power directing you, carrying you. Streamlined, you have all you need in perfect order, your thoughts and understandings coming into unadulterated clarity. Maintain your grip on what gives you soundings of the deep. You will feel the movement concealed for eons coming to the surface. All you have to do to keep your balance is to respond as it rises. It will carry you where you need to be. Follow your line of sight, for what was is no more, and what is to be is awaiting your arrival.


As you move from what you have known into what lay ahead, you bid goodbye to yourself, as you have always known yourself to be. Such is the nature of transformation, no different now than in any other moment of growth in your life, in that aspect. All the parties you’ve had with your shadow aspects, all the events that have led to you having the courage now to step up and into a more whole, more integrated self, all those past circumstances dissolve. Your own mastery lay in allowing them to. Just as the rising sun burns the fog from the scenery, so time now disperses the mirage of what was. The reign of illusion has nothing left to feed itself with. You starve it when you situate yourself in joy. Let this be your axis of power; let joy be the compass by which you trace out the curvature of your understanding. Joy renders you invincible in spirit, unmatchable in courage, irresistible in drawing to yourself the foundations of a manifest reality that demonstrates the responsive love of creation itself. You are the mover and shaker of your world. Installed in joy, the miseries of a grey, stolid reality rescind their hold on your acquisition of authority. In truth, it has been yours all along. The time of revelation approaches, when truth unmasks itself plainly, exuberantly, unmistakably. There are two mascots guarding the seat of ascension, displaying the binary nature of power. They face you now. Tame one and soothe the other, and you will find your balance perfectly.


“A spread of time-tested principles has infected Earth like a bristling, predatory, cancerous, ravenous network of avaricious, nose-bending, energy-sucking, trance-inducing fiends. At even the most innocent of babies they cast an eye of terrifying cruelty and would think nothing of eating it. The undercurrent of their social structure is cold and totally devoid of love of Nine’s provocative and ultimately fulfilling kind.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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