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Midweek Update

You’ve Got Another Think Coming

What a great idea… Formulations and computations have been giving you reason to think. And what you’ve been thinking seems like a wonderful adventure to take yourself on. Sure, you’re not ready to share it with the world quite yet, and that’s to your advantage. Why not give it another think, while you’re cogitating and ruminating? Chew on it a while. Turn it around yet again, so you’re more sure that you see all the angles and sides. Your bright eyes might not be seeing all the crevices where shadows lurk, so consider ameliorating your viewpoint with that of another. However, be forewarned: Not everyone shares your enthusiasm nor your inner vision. While it might seem so on the surface, even your most trusted fallbacks in your array of allies is only able to empathize so far. You have to carry the weight of your own karma. Be careful who you ask to estimate the tonnage.

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Regard the downward-pointing shaft of the image shown to you, and think of what it means in your life. Take a hint. Pull out a pen and a journal, even a scrap of paper, and test the adage about the pen being mightier than the sword. Your thoughts might be skimming about without you even noticing it, as they rise from newly-opened inner sources of illumination. Pin them down, organize them, and get yourself straight about what you’ve been thinking. No one else can do that for you, although bouncing ideas off of someone else’s mirror might give you insights you hadn’t considered before. While some others can offer you sage advice, you may well notice that you’ve missed seeing some wolf’s fur beneath a wooly exterior. Be wise, wise one.

While you’re taking some beneficial moments to the side of your current main event, placidly watch what doodles stream out from your trusty pen. You have a true friend in hand when you allow your interior sage to dictate some choice phrases and draw the outline of some new framework of thought. Observational mode, taken in short doses between bouts of active participation in what you’ve been dealing with in the meantime, will afford you insights that may well spur you on to a grand and glorious finish. That may give you an altogether different finish line than you had anticipated, a different crowd cheering your arrival, a new perspective from the winner’s circle than you had ever contemplated existing. If that’s not enough to encourage you to cut out the distracting hum of going back to how things were, it might at least provide a new insight to soothe your soul.

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