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Come Out, Come Out, Whoever You Are

Summary: In pouring out your heart to yourself, you likely saw some things you’re not very pleased with. Let all that’s spilled out be absorbed by the earth, and know that the universe has a way of reassembling raw material into useful opportunities. As you take a look around, look at what’s happening within. Listen and learn: that’s the wisest thing to do when Nemesis comes a-knocking. Sometimes, what looks like a trick is a treat. What’s behind your mask?

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Five of Cups (reversed)  — Page of Rods (reversed) — Queen of Swords (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

What a grand moment to revel in the simple notion of the raw abundance of universal energy! Right now, Nemesis stalks, challenging you to up your game. #pleiadian #tarot #nemesis Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Five of Cups (reversed)

Where will worry get you? While it won’t actually delay your arrival at destiny’s doorstep, it can sure make home feel very far away indeed. You’re finished with that, though, and ready to get on with the journey. And you will, as soon as you pick yourself up from this point of rest. Don’t rush it, because you need to fully appreciate what the moment brings with it. Good riddance to fear in all its configurations, because really it’s a lousy traveling companion. Have you learned that you are fully capable of doing everything you need to do? Along with trusting in a fundamental infinitude from which everything sources, that’s something to consider right now. Let go of what you’ve recently let spill from your heart. Even if you’ve not told anyone of your secret discoveries of self, you have witnessed an alarming display of spiritual bloodletting from recent exercises in self-reflection. Willingly or unwillingly, you’ve seen some rather over-fermented emotional juice spill out from within. Let it seep back into the earth. Universal intelligence knows just how to break it down into pure elemental stuff. Wiser now, next time you encounter raw energy, you’ll be better able to assemble it to your own well-being. When you get cracking again, it will be with a lighter heart ready to take on fresh opportunities. You still have your secret treasures, meanwhile. Nurture them well.

LODESTONE: Page of Rods (reversed)

Youthful exuberance knows no age. Paired with wisdom gained from a mindful journeying, it knows no boundaries. When it comes to wrangling with what you encounter, right now you can call on both the raw energy and the hard-earned wisdom present and rising within and around you. Confused? Okay, well that’s not surprising. Revelations and opportunities to do things a new way are springing up everywhere you look. That’s certainly evident in the real world of events as well as the tiny details of your reality, but it’s also present within. What a grand moment for you to revel in the simple notion of the raw abundance of universal energy! Before you go off in a new direction merely for the sake of doing something, tune into that raw energy and listen for what it has to say to you. The edifices of all you’ve learned are fading into the background now, as you find yourself in distinctly new territory. Pay attention to the elements, for they speak in new tones and perhaps an unfamiliar dialect. You’ll get attuned to it soon enough. Listen more than speak for a spell, and witness the turn of the key in your understanding of things. Prepare.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Queen of Swords (reversed)

In all of your dealings with Nemesis, it’s quite likely that you’ve called her by many names, not all of them flattering. Probably though, not all of them have held up to scrutiny on reflection. Time has a way of polishing every mirror, even the dirtiest, most warped construction of persona. Have you recently seen some reflections of your own that have taken on a frightful aspect? Perhaps not the nicest angle? Maybe the light wasn’t quite right to accentuate your positives, and has instead left you aghast at seeing some imperfections you had previously thought only existed in others. Guess what? You’ve seen Nemesis and survived to tell the tale. Rather than embellish it with the hocus-pocus of positive spin, acknowledge that you are now wiser and more self-accepting, and you’ll witness an amazing transformation of the ogre into the pure visage of angelic perfection. Because you are that, you know… divine perfection is your inner nature, despite what you see in your own mirror, or cast in the face of another human being. Right now, Nemesis stalks. She’s challenging you to up your game. Are you ready to claim your full right to be as you wish, human? What’s at stake is nothing less than how you choose to see yourself. Hint: It’s the inner light that shows off your best features.


“Worlds collide and everything changes — it’s sure to be a blockbuster! Up until your Nemesis has her chance to do her job getting your life centered around your heart, it’s a malcontent, brawling, lashing kind of film, complete with divas and derring-do. After, however, it becomes a different thing altogether. You don’t mind wading through all the gory parts to get to the ending. It’s all about who makes the cut and you’re the director. The ending is in your hands. Need some inspiration? Follow us to where the secrets of nature are quietly proclaimed by people in the know.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.


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