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Midweek Update

Boo! Who? You.

Who are you?… Can you even recognize yourself lately? With all the emphasis that you’ve placed, as part of this world’s great game, on doing what has to be done in order to get where you need to be, it’s not impossible to lose track of yourself. What have you been over-zealous about, or micro-focused upon, that has diverted your attention from appreciating who you really are? Let us remind you that you are, in essence, a divine spark of consciousness temporarily inhabiting a biological suit in order to refine an experience of being. And really, that’s all you need to concern yourself with. Everything else will fall into place. Even those people and situations that loom in the space above and around you can’t cast a shadow of any solidity. Only you can give that substance. Have you, in fact, been doing that lately?

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When you get to the point of realizing that the ogres and monsters really are all in your mind, you can get to work cleaning out the dark corners of the closet. Sweep up all that’s accumulated under the bed. No fear of anything grabbing you from the shadows that isn’t part of your own stuff. Which brings us to the question: Are you afraid of yourself? Is that what’s really at the root of every fear that disguises itself in myriad creative ways? Have a laugh when you see the wisdom in reconciling yourself to that thought. Have you, in fact, been scaring yourself all along? Goodness but that frees up a lot of mental space! Maybe that’s the thing you’ve needed to settle in your head so that you can get on with the practical side of living in this biological suit of yours, to the greater glory of your soul’s light.

Now, there is no gain in sitting out on the sidelines after you’ve figured out the rules of the game. Strategize all you like, but the truth is, incremental movements toward meeting yourself are going to pay off in the long run. Take the step that’s in front of you as if it’s the first step toward home… given that home is a pleasant place where you are free to be who you are in total acceptance, free from judgment, wrapped in warmth and joy. You know, your natural state as a divine embodiment playing the game of life on earth. It may be that you notice a shift in your own perspective regarding what winning means. What profit do you really seek, human? What, after dropping all your baggage, can you really take with you on to the grander state of being that awaits? Your current transformative process is full of promise. Give no heed to the scratchings under the bed. Greet your own shadow and bid it adieu. Your inner divinity has room for all aspects of you.

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