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Onward, Inward, and Beyond the Limits of Thought

Summary: The truth of who you are has never wavered from its fundamental message. However, you’ve been through a lot and as a result, you may have picked up a little torque in the energy of forward movement. Settle into the space of who you are and allow the inner composure to emerge. Your message is needed but you don’t have to push to get it heard. Just be, let your light shine, and know that despite any doubts that arise, simply reviewing what you’ve learned will be enough to carry you into the coming transformation without a hitch. Stay in touch with your depth as you move into becoming.

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Knight of Swords  — The Empress — Six of Swords (reversed)

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

You've just discovered something that requires your attention inward. You will not waver from the truth of the matter. The time has come for you to be. #pleiadian #tarot #beingness Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Knight of Swords

No one questions your drive. You’re on a mission and you won’t be deterred. Maybe a little worse for wear, for you’ve barreled on through sturm und drang. Your battered exterior is a testament to your commitment and your strength of will. Or is it your battered interior? For as much as you’ve endured, you still like to think you present well, and for the most part, you do. Staying true to your convictions has kept you unsullied by the morass of fallen ideals that litter the way around you. Virtuous and clean, you carry on. Yet something in your visage betrays that paragon you want to put forward as the great thing you carry. Is it a worry that you have forgotten some aspect of your own soul-tending? If so, you’ve got a green light that you’re on target for the mission. You’ve just discovered something that requires your attention inward. You will not waver from the truth of the matter, and your brilliant mind has just handed you a carving tool to shave a bit closer to the bone. What is it that you’re ready to hand over to the elements for purification and right-making? Until you get that straightened out, the ride might be a bit stop-and-go. You want to go, but the horse isn’t budging until you’re sitting straight in the saddle. Lean back and let the way be the way.

LODESTONE: The Empress

The time has come for you to be. You’re finally getting that message at the deepest levels of your being. You know when there’s a shimmering, sparkling uprising of joy from the dark innards of your personal innerspace, you’re on the right track. That hint of joy is a message to you as much as it is to the world: You have arrived… or at least, you are in the process of arriving. It’s part of a continuum, is it not? You are always here, but not always totally present to yourself. When you are, all that is not truly necessary for you to evolve simply falls away. It’s more painless than it might appear from the moment just before the awareness presents itself. Rest in that and allow the truth of your being to settle into a comfortable space, for there are people and matters that require the fullness of your vision and wisdom. Take your time. Eternal truths have no timetable. In a sense, then, what is arriving at this moment is not a monumental truth entering the scene, but a falling-away of illusion that reveals what has always been true. You’re contributing to that. What are you ready to drop in order to face your own golden magnificence? Humbly set the circle around you and fill it with your light.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Six of Swords (reversed)

Whether or not you put much credence into the power of a retrograde Mercury, you might do well to recognize the wisdom in taking the time ahead to review, recenter, and reallocate your energies. You’re about to hit the opposite shores from where you set off some time ago. This is not a time for making mistakes, especially ones you can easily avoid. With that in mind, however, don’t withdraw from the forward movement you’ve known is necessary for your own growth and the success of your endeavors. This is also not a time from shying away from what draws you forward. You can feel the pull from your soul, however subtle it may be, as it wraps around your heart and gently draws you toward the loving harbor of self-acceptance. You’re transforming. You know who you’ve been. There’s a big unknown as to who you will become. All the inklings have been showing you the wisdom inherent in making the move toward wholeness. Remember that, and let go of the vestiges of habit that yet bind you to the old ways. They have served their purpose, and are no longer of use to where you are heading. Review what you’ve gained from the lessons and allow new insights to take the place of outworn mannerisms. This will go a long way toward calming what seems like unsure waters.  In reality, it’s just a passage. Probe the depths, yes, and trust the way.


“Nine may, in its workings, nearly drive you to the edge of sanity, but it will not push you over. That decision is yours alone. Rather, Nine will show you the nest of vipers you have been mistaking for a bed of roses. It will put your eyes on a few new pieces of information that may not feel quite right and show you a door to a new understanding. New understandings lead to new realities and consequently to the edge of what you had always accepted as sane and solid. It is the thread spun by the spindle of Nine that necessitates your movement from one reality to another.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

© Maryann Rada, all rights reserved. Repost permitted with link to original post.


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