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Midweek Update

Time to Have Fun Being You

Can we play?… It isn’t that there’s no work still to be done, but there is a call to step out into the light of day, just for a while, and rejuvenate your sense of self. It isn’t that you don’t have plenty of good things going on, but it’s a good moment to reflect on just how much you have happening within the machinery of your growing self-awareness. You’re pretty cool, you know? You’ve gone through a lot in your lifetime, and in the swath of lifetimes you have already tucked under your belt. You’ve been around long enough to know that even when things look their worst, even on the darkest day, the sun is waiting for the clouds to do their dirty work before it again peeks out to show you your shadow. Do you remember that time when your shadow was your friend? It might be time to get re-acquainted on more playful terms.

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Just as the sun’s rays give a hint to the heavenly glory that beams down with life-giving photonic streamers, so too do recent realizations give you an idea of just how big your recent inner cloudbusting might be. As much as you do to clear away the nebulous haze from the sky of your mind, you make way for the effulgence of your native brilliance to be set to full. Prepare for that. Don’t be caught unawares of your own self making a spectacular entrance on the scene of your life to the extent that you’re blinded by your own soul’s masterful plan coming into play. Be ready for that. The best way to acclimate your senses to what you’ve been anticipating is to ease into things. Especially if you didn’t know exactly what you’re anticipating.

Start by claiming your space, inner and outer, in relation to all the things that have defined you. You can’t hold light in a box, after all; what makes you think you can hold your own transformation in the same vessel that’s held your brokenness, your pain, or your incapacity to fully understand love? This is what transformation is all about. Last week, we asked you to reflect on the moon’s message of slipping out of the sheath of what was. Now, we ask if you are ready to consider a little recreation, while you’re in the process of re-creation. Are you? There’s never been a better time to come to meet yourself anew. Forgive the past you for all that you are coming to see were shortcomings. Sometimes, the arrow falls before it hits the target. Never mind. You can go over it a thousand more times, but the truth will end up the same. In an imperfect world, when the game starts to reveal its secrets, you find things are quite perfect after all. What fun!

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