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Red Pill Moment

Red Pill Moment: Waking up to see the ideas around you that you may have been resisting or unaware of are all stacking up neatly and pointing to a direction that leads you out of your cave. Are you able to leave your comfort zone? Or would you rather stay asleep? Once you recognize the dream, to sleep again is to let a nightmare continue.
The suit of Swords represents the mental state, thought, ideation, logic, also change, courage, and conflict.
Lots of this happening right now, and it will continue. Lots of talk of Q-Anon, Assange, deep state, disclosure.
It’s time to talk about Nine.
Are you ready/willing/able to help the awakeners to cope with what they see?
The messages of the League of Light and Pleiadian Renegades are full of guidance. Turn there for help if you’re looking for some inspiration on amping up your service to humanity’s awakening.
Click to visit the archives of Nine at Nine’s Path main site: League of Light library

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