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Right Now, It’s Time to Grow Up

This week seems to be a time of crashing illusions. While there’s something to be said for how events unfold on the world stage, with all the fake news on one side or the other, the big story is how we’re seeing things on the inside. That’s always where the most drama happens, and where there’s the greatest hope for a satisfactory outcome.

We humans are so clever at concocting stories to entertain ourselves with. We can come up with all kinds of manufactured lies about ourselves that we watch entranced as events move into place to prove the storyline right. Every once in a while, something unexpected can happen to set the whole house of cards crashing down, and we’re left agape at what we see revealed. Our own self-worth can be shocking, when it’s finally stripped bare of the illusions we tend to dress it with. We’re that good at fooling ourselves.

This past week, when I wrote the current message “Know Your Worth”, I had a tingly feeling at the back of my head hinting that it might be a time when such a revelation might lumber onto the scene. I’ve learned that sometimes, those tingly feelings precede a cosmic blow. Bang, are you awake now? Ready to grow up? Always delivered with love, though it smarts less when you realize that Nemesis, for all the power she has in her swing, is wearing softly padded gloves. It’s all in the angle you receive it in. Wisdom lies in recognizing that and adjusting yourself to receive some insight at a more receptive angle.

Universal energies conspire to wake us all up a little bit more. It’s the thing of the moment. We're shifting timelines in agreement with the plan. Grow up. #ninespath #GrowUp Click To Tweet

My own personal dramas notwithstanding, I think it’s safe to say that the universal energies are conspiring to wake us all up a little bit more. It’s the thing of the moment. Are you looking at the signals that pass for tingles at the back of your head, should you not be feeling them in particular? Schumann resonance has been dancing, astrological movements are torquing creative powers toward unexplored precipices of experiential productivity, gamma-ray spikes and solar blasts are gifting us with shockwaves of wakey-wakey. Perhaps you have your own personal instrumentation that’s showing the needle rising into the red zone. Maybe just your gut… which is likely the most trustworthy indicator of change. We are shifting timelines, evolving organically, moving into new territory. With that, comes release into mastery, a meaningfully honest look into the heart, and agreement with the plan. Then we’ll be ready for what comes, on levels from personal to global, and beyond.

Think multidimensionally for best results.

One indicator confirming this came to me in the form of a note from Thessa, who’d experienced such a blow to the back of the head upon reading this week’s message:

Thank you Maryann! I cried my eyes out. It is very helpful to read this and feels very accurate. I have to surrender and have faith. I am my own biggest enemy. I cannot blame anyone else for feeling stuck in my life at the moment. It is the chaos that is mentioned. I am grateful for what is given to me but at the same time I still hold myself back from stepping into the world with the talents that are given to me. It comes from anger of not being seen as a kid and with holding my talents back I am punishing the people that did not see me when I was small. I realise it now at this moment. It sounds so silly and useless. But it helps to recognise it. I am a grown up now I do not need this behaviour anymore. I feel that this old pain will heal very quickly now. I am not alone. Help is always nearby. I Am so Loved. Like we all are. Together we stand in Love and Light.

Um, yes. Definitely yes.

Me too.

Minus the crying, but I had my own emotional experience, and witnessed the King of Cups in action. Yay, me! Yay, you!

My breakthrough came in tandem, or in partnership, with others who likely had their own experiences reflecting something along the same lines as Thessa’s. Gosh, but those early childhood traumas take hold with tenacity!

Where were you wounded that still calls for you to find freedom from it? How is your inner child asking you to grow up? Right now, universal energies and great big cosmic love are conspiring to support your shift into your rightful ascension into personal power and recognition of your true worth. Take it. It belongs to you. It’s a gift we’re giving each other and ourselves, and the time has come to receive it, to grow up a little bit more.

What’s coming is going to require it.


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