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Know Your Worth

Summary: Turbulence dies away in the face of a solid sense of self, and that’s just what you’re realizing you have in a big way. From a point of steady assurance, you can observe what comes without becoming in any way perturbed. However, you may need to check in with yourself regarding how willing you are to truly accept what comes with mastery and achievement. Outside voices may seem to voice dissatisfaction, but truly they are only echoes of your own doubt. Face that, and set yourself straight. You may be doing well, but there’s more to come. The future is calling.

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King of Cups  — Six of Rods (reversed) — Page of Rods (reversed)

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Remember who you are, looking into your most divinely seeded origins. Pay attention to signals that come from outside of your own sanctified mind. #pleiadian #tarot #ninespath Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: King of Cups

Diplomacy is the name of the game right now. Wherever you look, you run a good chance of seeing it, either in action or potential. Where you see it in action, reflect on your own thoughts, acts, and words. Remember who you are and where you come from, looking into your most divinely seeded origins. Tune into your balance and allow yourself to embrace what it feels like to be poised and masterful. After all, you are at something of a high point regarding activity surrounding your inner energetic balance. There comes a level of functioning within the maelstrom of human endeavor at which the tempest of emotion dissipates into elemental calm. From there, root your cause. From within that wide-open heart within you, let the zen flow. As you regard your domain, observe the nuggets of diplomatic potential. What is coming into view now need not raise either hackles or alarm; rather, it is an opportunity to put yourself to the test and know with assurance that you have figured out a key element of mastery. Within the loving action of Nine, it’s calm seas and smooth sailing. Let yourself enjoy the moment.

LODESTONE: Six of Rods (reversed)

While you’re feeling pretty good about where you’ve found yourself lately, realize that not everyone may be happy about what they perceive when casting a gaze in your direction. That need not affect your trajectory whatsoever. It might, however, be considered a tap on the shoulder to look into your own motivations and reliances. It might be cause to consider that it’s not so much about people not being happy about you or your achievements, but that eyes have spied an incongruence between what you do and how you accept it. Do you really think you’re within your rights to feel good about what you’re doing? To think otherwise is to doubt God’s faith in you, no less anyone else’s. If you think that self-acceptance in light of who you have become is equivalent to getting on your high horse and prancing about, you’ve got it backwards. Self-acceptance, now, means honoring the faith that’s been placed in you. You’ve risen to the occasion. Get over your fears, get over yourself, turn yourself around and love what you see in the mirror. Those other people who admire you might be seeing something you are deciding not to honor, and there’s no honor in that, vis à vis your personal mission.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Page of Rods (reversed)

That small, still voice may take on a more dynamic dimension in the weeks to come. You’re being called to attend to some matter of your own becoming. While that’s not going unnoticed, it’s also not going without some divine guidance coming in creative and perhaps unexpectedly novel ways. Pay attention, as you move forward with your endeavors, to signals that come from outside of your own sanctified mind. As you open, the possibility that your requests for the universe to respond to your requests for guidance turns into an inevitability. Answers will come. What rises from within will find affirmation around you. You already know the answers. You’ll be called to remember, and as you align yourself with that, the architecture around you will, as well. You’ll begin to feel at home in a new space of self-understanding. From there, there’s really nothing that can stop you from achieving what you feel stirring into life. First, though, you need to hearken back to this point of remembering yourself. Anchor yourself in the present moment, so that what comes can have the impetus it needs to carry you on.


“Resonance rearranges an old order into a new chaos and then into a new order. Mastery of the old flips the switch. Mastery is achieved when hearts and lives open to pain as Zero-Point Station’s last stop before returning home. Zero-point naturally is a pain-free zone. Love is where all extremes end.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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