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Are You Ready, Spiritual Manifestor?

Summary: As a spiritual manifestor, you’re coming to understand the implications of creating a new reality. Reflect, now that you hold a holographic seed of a new world in your hand, the kind of energetics you’re attuning yourself to. You’ve risen, and grown in wisdom. Relax your mental grip on your vision, and your eyes, and allow the space of amplification to enhance what you are doing.

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creative manifestor Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot

You stand at a gateway where, as a spiritual manifestor, you must contemplate both the quality of your work and the implications of unleashing it. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet


The crystal ball you’ve held in your hand of late has taken on the form of a new world. You had to dive into the underworld, however, to find the substance you sought to form a solid foundation for it. Now you stand at a gateway of sorts, a moment where, as a spiritual manifestor, you are prompted to contemplate both the quality of your work and the implications of unleashing it. To instill a new hologram of reality is no small task; it comes with responsibility. That need not be a heavy burden to one who has discovered a secret of poise between aspects of self. In letting go of an old energetic mainstay, you found the balance within to allow you to grab hold of a new stream of consciousness. Keep your grip on what you have discovered within. It is going to prove to be an axis mundi in your new reality. Before you venture forth, take a moment to appreciate what you have undertaken, and what you have achieved thus far. You’ve risen. You can see past the solidity that had blocked a full view of the way forward. While you can easily surmount what remains to be cleared out of the way, you are given the space of a divine breath to gather yourself. Equipoise.

 LODESTONE: Ten of Pentacles

Is it possible that doing the hard spiritual work you’ve been called to do can have material rewards? Is it so ridiculous to believe that your contributions have some merit of sustenance? You’ve heard from the naysayers before. Perhaps they’re turning their hearts toward a more holistically stable stance, when it comes to appreciating the richness of spiritual pursuits. This world of matter and materiality is fundamentally a world of energy, shimmering and scintillating its essence into form. By acknowledging the rewards of the inner work that you have been doing, the wisdom you have gained and shared, you release any strictures of mind on the field in which that shimmering energy coalesces. Stay attuned to your inner state. Where you feel tension, remember the core lessons and higher teachings you’ve found strewn at your feet. Relax, and remember that you are held in high esteem by your soul. Allow the space around your dream to dilate. This is one way to give the energies clear space in which to take a more perfect form.


Dream a new dream, built on the dreams already set sail on the tides of your mind. Infinity may be a paradox to the mind, but to the spiritual manifestor, it is just another limitation to confront. Within the paradoxical can often be found a simple truth. Right now, as you reflect on what lay ahead in the field of creative manifestation, allow yourself entry into the otherworld where zero point is a place of infinite possibility. Trust that your recently launched plans are riding the swelling waves on their way to deliver a new vision to distant shores. What you have in this moment is the point of balance where you can amplify your treasures. A spiritual manifestor is not limited by ideas or boundaries, but respects the natural energetics of the congruence of love, intent, and inner vision. Keep that balance at the level of the heart in the days to come. Let your mind rest there, and explore that mysterious boundary between worlds. Much can come of such consideration.


“Although you do have probable creations lodged in your so-called creative direction and imagination, you rarely access them because your rational mind gets in the way. No rational renegades roam the creative corridors of co-creative daring, however. Quite the contrary. The denizens of dreams are really pure possibility formed as probable yous. Stalwart mental students of co-creation inevitably do their rancorous bow to their innate irrational divinity and let go of crammed rational energies as a creative impulse clears long-blocked channels, allowing real creativity to drench their souls and pulse the sane rational ramblings of their now-awakened minds. Boom, like that, all is changed. Knowledge and wisdom are within, not without. All you have to do is a sideways shuffle.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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