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Out of Inner Disharmony Comes More Love

Inner disharmony… With the general state of things lately being out of balance, it’s no wonder if you’re feeling like trusted pathways of affirming your state of being aren’t quite working as they ought. Guess what? It’s like that when there’s a major upgrade in the making. Where you stand right now—though it feels like your normal sensibilities are clouded, your efforts not as productive as you’d hoped—is at the threshold of a noteworthy shift in how you relate. As with all things, how you deal with the outside world is a reflection of how you deal with yourself. Relax your grip and you won’t feel so much resistance. The thing you want most to manifest isn’t going to be pushed into existence without an adjustment on inner levels of being. Begin within and look at how you look at yourself. Be willing to let love’s plan resurrect your spirit and soothe your tired mind. Pay attention. You’ll find the way out of your current state of inner disharmony, and onto higher ground. Listen to love.

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The heavens have opened and good information is being passed on to you. Where are you positioning this higher mind in relation to your own? Take a look around, and pay attention to any corners where it may have (inadvertently, of course) been kicked. Angelic whisperings are trying hard to reach you, but wrapped in your vision, you are deaf, your attention diverted, wrapped up in the mental picture projected in front of you. Turn around, if you can find some space within this dream you have created, to see if there is some aspect of divinity trying to make extra room for you to expand into. Where you are now is not the end of a dream, but at a crossing-point of immense potential. If you are looking within for solutions, for a requiem to a fantastic apparition you feel unequal to summon into being, take a breath. Look, at this moment, at your relationship with yourself. What are your expectations? Within the space of the heart, where you are in harmony with yourself, all things are possible. Indeed, they already exist. Slacken the tension and allow it to be.

Lovers are at their most harmonically fluid when expectation has no part in the picture. Becoming blind may in fact be the best way to see the truth of your current concerns. Inner disharmony results from unmet expectations, from mistrusting the divine that moves through life, from demarcating zones of acceptability that cordon off intervention of those higher, finer forces of love that await a nod from you. Inner disharmony dissolves completely when what you need is replaced by an expanded understanding that needs are already met, if you are clever enough to turn yourself upside-down and shake out some mental debris. Sometimes, well-worn pathways can become so overused that the bedrock below starts to disintegrate, leaving rubble where should be a streamlined route. Inverting perspective stimulates a new appreciation to help you see what had been sabotaging your mechanism of inner balance. Find your way back to yourself and you might be surprised at the passionate reinvigoration of your dream.


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