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Feeling More Whole, Trusting Yourself

Summary: Finally, you’re getting the feel of yourself in a whole new way, feeling more whole, and more magical in your presence. Integration is doing a great job on you. Now that some threads of awareness have come together, turn on the inner light and let it guide you to that open gateway just ahead. You’ve come a long way on a hard road. The goal is in sight. Staying on track now means silencing any external voice that, well-meaning though it may be, will only pull you off-track. This is the time to trust yourself above all.

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Queen of Pentacles  — The Moon — Two of Swords (reversed)

Nine's Path Pleiadian Tarot

Feeling more whole lately, you're sensing a more unambiguous cadence your inner voice. Natural magic is little more than holding your own light. Trust it. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Queen of Pentacles

You have that kind of practical magic that makes the simple life magnificent. In fact, you’re positively saturated with the stuff. And you’re getting more comfortable knowing that by the day. Let yourself appreciate yourself. Enjoy feeling at home in your body, even if (or especially if) it feels like a whole new environment. To your surprise, you get the idea that you’ve arrived at a merging of various threads you’ve been following. Mental acuity, expansiveness of heart, broadness of understanding, all have had your attention for some time. Now that they are converging, you feel magical. While it’s true that you’re able to see beyond the screen of reality, and sometimes even pull a rabbit out of an empty hat, it’s not magic, dear one. It’s how you as a human being are meant to operate when your brokenness becomes integrated. If you’re not yet at the point where you see veritable sparks flying from your fingertips, rest assured that you’re on your way to feeling more whole, more yourself. That’s a kind of magic, though, isn’t it? You have that and more. Go ahead and create something out of nothing, and see it blossom and grow.


You can’t escape the voice of intuition. You’re fast to realize that doing so would only deviate you from the path you’ve been working your way forward on. With the hardest section of the journey behind you, for the most part, you have your sights set. The goal is within view. If the elements of nature or social unrest make the space around you seem bleak, remember to trust your gut. You’ve been feeling more whole lately, and with that has come a more unambiguous cadence to that inner voice of yours. With integration comes the ability to hold more light within. Trust it now to guide you true; pay attention to those talismans and guides conjured up by your own creative spark bringing some divinity to your landscape. From the depths, you have come far to bring to life something of great merit. You’ve carried it through the density of worlds to raise it now to the world’s benefit. What you bear will be brought into the light of a new day. First, you’ve got to get through that gateway before you. You cannot reveal what you have until you’ve passed through that last portal and entered the beyond, where time has a secret to reveal. Meet it you will, as all things are conspiring to reveal something magnificent. Then, not only will the world be feeling more whole, it will be utterly transformed by what you have to share.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Two of Swords (reversed)

Bide your time. Take stock in what you’ve discerned. Mull over all the perceptions you’ve gathered, and allow things to make sense. You’re about to find yourself at the final stages of pulling together some stray strands of cognitive awareness, weaving them into the design and tucking in the frayed ends, neatly and with precision. If you pay attention to what is rising as understanding within, you will do well with making sense of the patterning you see revealed on the loom of your mind. Ancient undulations of portrayals of reality dance into place to make an intuitively perceivable communication unmistakably clear. At that moment, when you have stilled your own mind’s dance and silenced those well-meaning voices guiding you to what they swear to you is the right place to be, you’ll find yourself at exactly the right place at the right time, all things in hand, feeling more whole, more at home in your own knowing, than you have in a long time. If things have been stuck, if the whole story’s not been told, you will know for sure what for now is only an inkling daring you to explore more deeply. The truth is not an inkling, but a reality-altering event. To be prepared for what the future holds, dare to be on its shores without knowing all its secrets. What you discover by trusting your own guidance system will get you to the totality of what you are here to experience. Watch the plan unfold.


“Led thus by intuition, you too can come to rely on your now-sense and be rid of any need for external guidance laid out for you by any cartographer. Generally speaking, it is your natural navigational system which guides you as directed by your soul. Any other source of control or shepherding of your soul’s path is what you would call interference and should be avoided at all costs.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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