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Inner Vision Comes to Life

Hope magnified… You’ve held a vision for some time, even if it’s only recently come into recognizable form to you. Wide open it now spreads, having been flushed full of color and vibrance from your own overflowing heart. Hope now magnifies as the thing you see magnetizes others who understand their part in your vision. These harmonically attuned souls recognize what you have projected from within your knowingness; they feel at home in the radiance of your vision. Now that the vision comes to life, hope morphs into joyful self-awareness refocused and reborn. You know what you’re doing, even if you feel like you don’t. All you have to do is keep your heart open wide, and allow yourself to embrace what comes, no matter how big it may be.

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What magic is this that seemingly pours out of your hands? In all your travels, in all you’ve seen and done and become initiated into, you have never before experienced the magnificence of hope coming alive as you now sense is possible. Complete in yourself, your essential self-knowing reverberates well-being through an expanded field of influence. Holographically, the message, the creative seed that you carry has the ability to shift the scenery not just for yourself but for the whole of reality. At least it has the promise. If you have the faith, as you watch as your vision comes alive, you may be happy to know what an effect you can have. It’s a moment of triumph for those who believe in the power of divine light coming together in an opalescent spectrum, inclusive, wholesome, and noble.

Not just through space but through time does the truth of your understanding stretch. Recognizing that you’ve found something that brings into alignment all that you have yet come to know and experience, seeing the acknowledgement in form of what you’ve carried within for eons of time, you finally feel the freedom, the support, and the absolute certainty that you’ve arrived at a moment fated for success. Not just the fulfillment of a dream, this moment marks the beginning of a new story, one that gifts to generations a thread of sanity. Weave that thread with the confidence that comes from knowing that, as your vision comes to life, you are stating a truth undeniable about the resilience and power of the human spirit. Welcome home. Now change the world.

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