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Bring Your Light, Meet Your World

Summary: There is no doubt that you’ve come to a point of having something to present. So far, you’ve followed the path in good faith, and now you find faith has answered by putting something—perhaps something unexpected—in your hands. Reflect, but know this is all as it should be. Grand cycles are turning, and all of heaven is in attendance. As the new becomes and the old prepares to depart for good, your attention turns to your inner balance. Give yourself the time to bring your potential into being. Connect, or reconnect, and tune into the divine. Higher sources nurture your progress.

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Page of Pentacles  — Wheel of Fortune — Temperance (reversed)

nine's path pleiadian tarot weekly reading

The vision you've held is finally something you can feel coming into substantial being. Not only are cycles shifting, but all of heaven is in attendance. #pleiadian #tarot #ninespath Share on X

FOUNDATION: Page of Pentacles

The vision you’ve held is finally something you can feel coming into substantial being in your hands. Naturally, you hold it with some sense of reverence, witnessing the viability of your faith in action. Higher callings come along once in a while, and you have been trying to hone your ability to be sensitive to their arrival in your sensorium. To see that what you’re embarking upon is the material of such a higher calling gives you pause, perhaps, to reflect on what’s brought you here and to give it another think. Is this indeed what you envisioned for yourself? Did you expect your path to lead you to this point? Don’t worry, you haven’t made a wrong turn along the way. What you are seeing right now is the deft weaving together of another thread of your soul’s journey. With that, your mission comes more fully into focus. If it is still a little bit hazy, relax and maintain your awareness on the thing you’ve been given. It’s going to take you places, and prove to be fulfilling on many levels. You’ve got what it takes to carry it through. After all, if you didn’t, it wouldn’t have been given to you. But it has. It’s in your hands now, and you’re going to make the best of it. You can’t do otherwise now.

LODESTONE: Wheel of Fortune

Last week, the world took a little peek into your now-moment. The future sent you a signal that everything was going to come full circle and settle into a variety of well-being that you’d find most satisfactory. Even if that was a challenge to your faith, the truth is, it did tap you on the shoulder with an “ahem” and “pay attention now”. Things are definitely turning. Not only are cycles shifting, but all of the heavens are in attendance. You are offered the courage, the strength, the vision, and the divine empowerment to act as you are feeling called to act. Listen to what’s arising within. Give an ear to the softly breathed communiqués that filter from higher, more refined levels of consciousness. Become more aware of the divine hand in everything at this moment. It’s fortuitous, as well as portentous. Certain things are being given new life, rejuvenation, while other things are being prepared to be ushered out. This is a necessary shakeup, but not necessarily turbulent. Move with the turn of the wheel and know that you are going to land on your feet exactly where you’re supposed to be in order to fulfill a bigger and more meaningful role.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Temperance (reversed)

How well you’ve done thus far listening to your inner counselor! You’ve been soaking in a lot of light lately, and soon you’ll see it’s time to ground it. The work you’ve been doing has been largely internal, private, sacred refinement, and it’s likely to remain so for a little while; however, you do well to consider allowing yourself to become part of a larger whole. You can’t do what needs to be done by staying isolated, and you can’t do everything by yourself. Whether that means getting involved physically with other people, becoming more emotionally honest in relation to those who are in your landscape of reality, or merely connecting intellectually with transformational thoughts shared by great minds, you may soon feel that getting re-connected in some way is the way to go. This is the path to balance, and that is ultimately going to empower you to become more of who you are. Your potential has yet to fully reveal itself, but for sure, there’s something that’s in need of balancing before it can truly fly. You’ve got it in you to be a light in the world, and for the most part that’s what you’ve been. Your higher nature has another story to tell, another aspect of self to integrate. Breathe in, breathe out. Find your point of balance. Divine messengers are present. Listen to them, for they have some clear instructions on how you can nurture your Grand Becoming.


“You ingenious next of kin, do you know how much we have loved you, and for how long? Your sojourn on the plane of Earth has taken you through the harrowing depths of human experience. Now you are ready to end a cycle of enslavement and oppression and enter the realm of open communication with those who have been watching for eons. It is as it has had to be.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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