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Divine Echoes Come to Light

Peaceful reflection… What’s been on the way has arrived, and not in the way anyone would have expected. You’ve known all along that things would turn out this way, though. At least, that’s what you’ve been nurturing in your heart of hearts. You’ve done all the work that cleared the way for such an auspicious set of circumstances to finally settle into order. Now, you have the promise of higher secrets to be revealed, thus giving you a blueprint for making the most of what has come to pass. You have no reason to lose hope now, and every reason to trust yourself and the inner workings of nature’s ways. The handiwork of perfecting Nine is everywhere to be seen, for those with eyes to see past the decoration into the inner framework of reality. All is in balance now for what’s set to come. Listen to the whispers from higher domains.

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When you stand still and perfection is allowed to be within, you can find the state of being within you to become reflected in what’s around you. This is why the inner work of clearing the debris of ancient fallen structures is so important. It must be done before the new creation can assemble itself in accord with your own inner realization of divinity. Can you be at peace with that, and forego the time-tested and rejected ceremonies of vengeance and retribution? Destructive acts that are out of alignment with the divine fire of rebirth do little to advance you or your world now. Rather, pay attention to what is rising from the flames. There is a divine message in the softly lighting whispers. You do well to pay attention and to face the possibility that you do, in fact, have access to newly revealed holy secrets.

Are you comfortable now with the way things have turned of late? There is little to hinder your progress toward making your personal situation more amenable to a higher state of being. Finally, you’re offered the space to be who you are and to feel good about that. Hold yourself upright in the face of the conditions newly arrived, and recognize that the order of heaven is presenting you with a clear and rich message about your own potential. It’s blossoming, and it’s full of promise. The promise you made to yourself to be the best “you” you can be is bearing fruit and summoning the response of celestial harbingers. Translate this into the material world around you, and you will be giving the gift that’s perfectly suited to the you that observes from within: demonstrate the faith in yourself that your soul has for you. Listen now, for secrets are being given. Entrain your intuition to a higher path moving forward.

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This post focuses awareness on the three-card spread of this week’s Pleiadian Tarot message. Get a deeper understanding of the movement of Nine through your reality. Join a discussion of Pleiadian tarot posts at the Roundtable Forum. On Facebook? Join the Pleiadian Tarot group!


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