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Come Where Love Lives

Summary: If you’ve not yet cast your mind into the singularity of surrender, you still have a moment for consideration. Raising the fundamental nature of your thoughts can have surprisingly surreal effect. In this freeze-frame second before the tide turns everything over, get in tune with the superconductor state of mind. Settle in peace while the waves of change crash just over your shoulder. Steady your mind on home, and let your mind extrude from the picture some extra dimension where love makes her appearance. Gently, the surprise becomes obvious. Right in front of your eyes, the truth takes form, life re-establishes itself, and what was is no longer part of the here-and-now reality. Giving your mind over to love has its wisdom, you know. You’ll soon be dealing with the immediacy of change. When all else is gone, what else is worth having in your hands but the chalice of love? Truly, it is where your heart is always at home.

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Two of Pentacles — Six of Cups — Queen of Cups

Nine's Path weekly Pleiadian tarot channeled message

Steady your mind on home, and let your mind extrude from the picture some extra dimension where love makes her appearance. #pleiadian #zeropoint #ninespath Share on X

FOUNDATION: Two of Pentacles

The gravity of the situation has not escaped you, but have you perhaps escaped the gravity of the situation? All things considered, it’s not such a bad thing to think about the contingencies associated with what hangs in the balance. On the one hand, you have the sweet song of the past lulling you into a blissful daydreamy kind of nodding. On the other, the arrival on turbulent waves of change the carrier of something unknown, something not quite grounded in your understanding. While you lean your head away from the turbulence, you unwittingly (or perhaps with purpose) open your ear to receiving, your mind to understanding. In fact, the turbulence isn’t really affecting you at all. It’s part of the background. The question remains whether it will become part of your immediate reality. Will the waves of change merely make the landscape altogether new? Or will they wash ashore, where you are, and carry you under with the current? Time will tell, and the count is coming down to one thing or the other. You sit holding the balance. What will it be? Blissful ignorance or tumultuous reckoning? Maybe it’s time now to consider the midpoint that reframes each of the apparent alternatives into something else entirely. Can you, with joy, settle at the edge of time in full cognizance that the ground is about to be flooded, shifted? If you can, you may be able to raise your power of vision to see what had been hidden, as the geometry of the moment adjusts simply everything.

LODESTONE: Six of Cups

When designing a course for intentional contemplation or creating a field of potential into which to project your mental pathmaking, love is the way most promising. It may be that you have little to grasp from a past seemingly bereft of jolly memories; it is not unheard of for childhood recall to be speckled with black spots. All that aside, can you peer past the rot of overripe venues for healing into the ever-living truth of love’s ever-present being? It waits for your arrival, which is little else than adapting your awareness to the level of equanimity in which it is apparent behind whatever it is that has hidden it from straightforward view. Past the apparitions, the threadbare fabric woven in the mindspace of reconciliation with whatever it was that spiked the bad dreams, love patiently waits. Look where you may to find the place that feels most like home. Conjure it up in memory or imagination, allowing your unfettered life force find the way there. Someplace safe, someplace warm and welcoming awaits, but in a manufacture of the light that rests in your mind awaiting direction to assemble itself to your delight. Now, relax your eyes and allow the full depth of love’s artistry to come into focus. The everlasting embrace of mother to child emerges from any design love creates, absent no longer, constant as ever. The vibrant memory of home pales in the face of love’s unexpectedly gentle appearance in the scene. Despite appearances to the contrary, the power and promise of life is in that simple thing.


The cup is being offered, and will be firmly in your hands by the time the tempestuous seas settle. The wind and waves have a way of clearing the sky, letting more light pass through your eyes, affording you clear sight and the space to think. In the aftermath of the storm comes peace, and a promise. Is there something strangely familiar, yet totally alien in the artifact now coming into your possession? Hearken to the holiness of the Mother as you approach the moment’s embrace. As waters recede, revelation comes. Your own perfection is bound with time’s resolution. As you gaze into the depths of a mystery, zero point reveals its secrets. What you see will give you pause, but will also raise your ability to face things with compassion absolute. Love is going to be center stage, have no doubt. All its raw power, its mysteries, its timeless golden perfection will garner your attention to the exclusion of all else. Or at least, this is what you can choose to put your focus on. If you find yourself as one cast from the shore, on a journey to somewhere yet to be defined, at least you have the solidity of love’s eternal form in your grasp. Cradle it gently, hold it with reverence, for truly there is little else to carry into a new world that has value life-giving and lasting. Prepare for the transformation this precious moment holds. Drink it in with your eyes, deep into your soul, and let the story be known. Attend the significance that shines in the vault of the heavenly motherland.


“It’s best if you don’t worry about whether you’re on the right road or if you are really sane at all. By worrying, you create. By allowing life to flow through you unimpeded by thought, you create. Anything you consider colors your creation of reality in one way or another. Why not intend for it all to work out well, and see what you discover as we journey from creating a reality of fear to a reality of love, in which all energies are harmonized to the original vibration of OM?”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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