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Death Comes to Face a Risen Humanity

Summary: The time of transformation, not death, is upon us. From a foundation already saturated with the elements of nature both planetary and personal, new seasons of life are promised. In transforming what appears to be an attack into a gift, seeing the potential within what seems dead as full of life, we claim the seat of the High Priestess. Owning both wisdom and intuitive insight, we face the truth of the moment; embodying love, we issue new life. Death accentuates this notion of transformation, yet it is something held in balance between our personal power and our connection to the unseen world of spirit. Or, if you prefer, the balance between the raw life forces of nature unleashed and the serene stillness of the ever-present intelligence of otherworldly, ascended, or divine presence. At this moment between, recognize the truth that arises cloaked in love’s mystery. A time of power, yes, and a moment calling for the highest response from perfect alignment with inner divinity.

Eight of Rods — The High Priestess — Death (reversed)

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot death

FOUNDATION: Eight of Rods

Where the matrix-space is already overloaded, more energy comes. Whether that’s your head, your heart, the ground beneath you, a social fabric strained at the seams… yet more is on the way. Expansion is called for and there’s no time to waste. Look at the signs and you will see what is heading for you. A clear discernment is required to get that information to your inner processing center, however. It’s best to lay aside anything that stands in the way of you and what you need to know. No more time for putting up excuses, skirting issues, or dancing around the edges of comfortable cradles of problems-being-elsewhere. This week promises to deliver some form of encouragement for you to dig deep into your innate power to overcome overwhelm and rise with new life. It may be in the guise of something plain and dead that it comes, but within there is life to receive. After all, what’s heading your way is full of potential, if you receive it in fearless recognition of your ability to transform reality.

LODESTONE: The High Priestess

The seeds of a new reality take form from the depths of your understanding, now. Within the realms of dreams and the disconnection with day-to-day humdrum that happens when you dive into study, you have nurtured the source from which manifestation arises. You have learned much. It has become part of who you are. Look in the mirror and realize that you trust yourself. You are centered, yet dynamic, capable of mastery between opposing forces. As an initiate to love’s mysteries, you have gained much in this regard. With solemn sobriety, you bring into balance what might otherwise have driven you to pieces, had you not been paying attention to the cues given to you. Wisdom and intuition having been your tutors, now you look into the truth of the matter and see what everything has been guiding you toward all along. This is a time to stay centered. Train your vision forward on your discovery of truths, and to allow that which arises within you to find its ultimate expression in love. No matter what comes, it is the truth of love’s life-sustaining revelations that will guide you yet higher.


Will death gain the upper hand in this tense moment of history? Look further and see what has turned the tables on the assured victory of grim bones. Without effort, the voices of ancestors, guides, and whatever you perceive as the spiritual realm of intelligence issues forth the blanketing serenity of a sublime and delicate presence. Whether their seeming silence is sleep or prayerful anticipation is up to you to elucidate. With surprise, the death-force so present in the world takes a turn to the rear to see that it has become the casualty of a risen and holy humanity. The initiation may have been difficult, but it has been enough to baffle the forward movement of death’s dire march. Now, with the unmistakable song of higher dimensions of spiritual presence, it is cornered in its game. However, Death presents itself now as a reminder of our connection, through transformation of form, between the life we create here and the risen echelons of life’s potential, its promise, its ascendance. There is not so much a separation as a connection, and that is gained in remembering that transformation is not only inevitable, but something we can experience in full consciousness.


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    I am the balance; looking with Priestess Heart and eyes: I stand with Grace: arms outstretched holding the scales of justice and divine will.


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