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Between Judgment and Justice Is the Light of Self

Summary: The rising tide of consciousness and compassion drives this week’s momentum toward a more human balance of oppositional forces. Between Judgment and Justice is the sacred space of the human heart in recognition of shared light. Grounding our differences as well as our identifications in remembrance of higher wisdom intensifies illumination. The wings of a higher calling offer protection over heads bowed in remembrance of self in the mirror of other. Those wings come to clothe the shoulders of wisdom when at last inner balance and mental mastery are in hand. This week, we can come together as individuals in sacred remembrance of what it is to be divinely enlightened humans.

Judgment — Two of Cups — Justice


Those seeking a helping hand from the rising floodwaters of consciousness are meeting higher understanding that comes with facing loss and finding human compassion. While on the physical realm, this is painfully obvious in the wake of blasting storms, on the more subtle realms of the psyche it is fully present as well. It is no longer possible to ignore what has come to be. Drowning in rivers of unmitigated human passion, fueled in part by acquiescence to status quo and a demonic undertow, a humanity stripped bare of pretense is rising to greet higher notes of rising awareness of interdimensional connectivity. Can we greet a new kind of rationality in the midst of finding solid ground? Are we ready to accept full awareness, facing responsibility in concert with the higher-attuned mind of a risen humanity? Many have lost the ability to wear their colors, acknowledging that man’s small-mindedness is sorely in need of uplift. A banner descends. In our nakedness, do we see our need to bear a new light? Those who stand in the presence of love’s grace see the way.

LODESTONE: Two of Cups

There is a light that has no prejudice with regard to whose soul it shines within. In recognizing the universality of an inner spark of divine presence, even opposites stand in solidarity. In the physics of divine connection, the light that streams in enharmonic entrainment between the hearts of humans simultaneously pulsates at perfect angles in connection to a higher truth and a grounded beingness. Perhaps it is the work of the recent eclipse that brings the light more to people’s attention. Perhaps it is merely the giving of one’s light to the shared space of human communion. Regardless of how it has come to be that you have a heightened sense of polarities discovering common ground, the potential for that is very real. You carry it within yourself. Allow this to guide you toward discovering something quite literally “de-lightful” in the days you have before you. In the background, the call to turn toward something higher remains echoing. Give each other the inner vision to rise, knowing that you have the power to be gentle, kind, and bold.


It is Justice which holds the sword aloft this week, having gained it from the King in his recognition of mental sovereignty. Do you recognize this in yourself, having come through the aftermath of recent baptisms of darkness and redaction of the truth? The steady hand of balanced wisdom prevails. The simplest effort of seeking righteousness finds sense. Her mask of serene peace as unwavering as her upright blade, Justice cuts through nonsense with mere observation. How well can you balance what you see this week? Can you bring yourself to look beyond the mind’s illusionary veils into the heart of the matter now in front of you? You have the ability to bring the conjoined polarities of opposition into a unified, perfected equilibrium.

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