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Zero-Point Begins the Shift

Today’s post comes directly from the Pleiadian tarot team.

When it is obvious to you that the changes you have been waiting for have actually begun to happen, you are at a point in your journey where you have achieved balance. You only have to recognize it to experience it. The division point between what was and what will be is a kind of zero-point, where the forces of human nature can find gravity-free expansion. From within the seeming entropy arises a realization that time can be your friend, if you listen to the whispers from heaven. They are only really audible when you sense that in-between point in the balancing act of shuffling past and present.

The time that you have been waiting for will shift into view in such a way as our friend, the Two of Pentacles, demonstrates. Serenely waiting on the shoreline, he has yet to open his eyes to witness the magic, even though he feels its reality at his fingertips. The reality he feels is something new and promising. Can you find the serenity within yourself at this moment of waiting for the shift to happen? Can you sense the change in movement as the initiation into releasing the past oscillates into the now-moment? Right now, the tide is in the process of turning. While it happens in an instant, the process itself spans a shift in direction that needs time to lay itself out. That suspended moment between moving in one direction and the other moves into the sphere of your experience now. Be aware and let it move in accord with your soul’s highest impulse for you.

Viewing this now with us, you embody of the King of Swords. With one-pointed focus, he sees the essential truth in your experience, and steadies your train of thought to take it to higher gloom-piercing heights. Getting into the position of enthronement to sit at a heightened perspective is the natural pinnacle of your personal quest for awareness in the matter now before you — be that a life situation or your interpretation of conditions on a more global spectrum. Bringing your vision in line with this King’s is not to condone a hierarchy of oppression or monarchical tradition; rather, it is the archetype of having conquered your inner servitude to a system and arising as the noble leader of your own mind. See it through the lens of personal initiation into the mysteries of alchemy, of expansion through engaging enemies of the mind and erasing demarcation lines of limitation, and you can better understand the King outside of the gender- and class-specific norms to which you may be accustomed.

Are you ready to turn in a new direction? We have drawn this card (Six of Rods) for you to consider the implications of getting out of a rut. Perhaps it is time to move toward something you may have had in the back of your mind which has waited for the right time to assert itself into motion. Now you are discovering that you are being carried in a new understanding, a new light, within a new kind of power that brings aspects of polarity into greater poise. Without the effort of continuing your energetic engagement with the past, you are mastering the art of moving with the current of life. Lost pieces of yourself now align with your new direction and become part of your inner power structure. Moving with confidence borne of rebirth comes easily now.

We offer these explorations of the symbols bridging the time between the closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one, in the book of days of your life. What is happening in the world right now echoes what is happening in your own life, and in the lives of other individuals who are each experiencing this cosmic moment in beautifully individual ways. Taken together, the opalescent nature of the matrix of global consciousness flashes with the light of a billion minds coming into recognition of a new light. May our insights bring that light to greater brilliance, in reflection.


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