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Perfect Balance

Summary: The King of Cups has descended his throne and finds himself more at peace this week. Simple, sweet opening to the point where opposites balance without extremes rocking the boat form the foundation of a more sane time. 3-2-1, are we ready? Nearly. You can finally find the vantage point where you have the steadiness of thought to come to terms with what’s happened. Stay focused on raising your thoughts to a one-pointedness that pierces the gloom, and you will soon find yourself moving in a new direction, toward integrated wholeness. The time for shadows is soon done. Nurture those aspects of yourself that have yet to rise to the level of integration and keep yourself entrained on joy. You will arrive.

Two of Pentacles — King of Swords — Six of Rods

FOUNDATION: Two of Pentacles

A lot of people have been giving their two cents, lately. Opinions have been shouted and whispered. Feelings have been hurt and aggressively demolished. Discussions have taken place on the streets full of people hurling insults and bricks, and tentatively behind computer screens and closed doors where trust has merited inclusion of solidarity. Between polarized opposites lay sanity. Neither fear nor aggression, neither insolence nor submission will reach a balance point as the ship of state-of-mind buffets upon turbulent seas. Turn an ear toward heaven. Right now, know you hold the balance within the field of your own magnetic current of groundedness. It is with an open heart that you find the zero-point of emergence into the treasure chest where magic and reason give way to enhanced reality. It is with eyes shuttered to the outer expression of duality and tuned into the power in your own hands that you finally settle on the shores of a new world within. From there, everything is possible.

LODESTONE: King of Swords

The King of Swords is unwilling to let you slide when it comes to owning your mind. He surfaces again, this time within the inner structure of your own knowingness, to guide you like a true compass to higher planes of thought. He shows you how to gaze with steady eyes upon that which has been, and to hold the truth you have gained through battle and through peacemaking. He wants you to see the light that you hold in your mind’s eye, and to realize that the power of the lighted mind is yours to wield. Time and again he has appeared, so the message is clear: It’s time to own your mind. Will you slice through dark clouds of oppression? Will you, sure and steady, point the way upward, that others may find your beacon and follow the magnetic pointer to higher realms of thought? Will you finally gain the eagle’s perspective on something that has been circling around your head, rising again and again in the past months to force you to confront exactly how it is that you relate to the power you hold in your thoughts? For as your thoughts go, so follows reality. The time for finding inner resolution is finding you, subtly, from inside your very core. Hold steady. The understanding rises.


From within the solitude of reckoning with your will to see the light of a new day without reservation, with full recognition of your own power, with the humility that true empowerment necessarily carries with it, you emerge triumphant. You are not yet free from the limitations of past patterns of how you do things, but you are finally moving on from where you were. That’s progress, and that’s the thing this temporal shift of light has gifted you with. Glimmers become floodlights when you set yourself in a new direction, and that is where you can find yourself in the week ahead. Shadows have no place in your world by the time you come out of your meditation on what has happened, yet the remnants of your old self are with you on the way into total transformation. You’re growing more powerful, more integrated, more joyful when you set your sights on a future full of light. No more secrets, no more hiding, no more lies or excuses. If you want to move into the next stage of your transformation, do it in full knowledge of your power, and know that you are moving toward a wholeness which brings great satisfaction. If any part of you yet fears that change, just keep moving forward. Where you end up, when you look at it from a higher perspective, is going to make you glad to leave where you were.


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    Ps and Maryann: Many gracious kind thanks to all. I am finding this new way of communicating between us to be such a gift, such a big help to me and by extension, to all I am in relationship with. Although words necessarily fail me in this comment, please know how valued and loved your help and wisdom are at this time. (I am quite confident you can feel my gratitude and my joy in expressing it to you here.) As an earthly human, these insights and “hot tips” are so very comforting as I navigate within and without our beautiful planet and in the spaces between. You guys help me to put words and concepts to the changes I am feeling in real time as it were and this is an enormous aid to my great benefit. With love in kind – Maryann Z

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      Your feelings are most certainly palpable! Thank you for sharing them and the super-kind words they are wrapped in. So glad to know these works are received with such grace.


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