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Let Not Your Own Light Be Dimmed

Summary: The solar eclipse overshadows, quite literally, this week’s reading. While we begin the period in a state of composure, the waters of awareness are creeping up around us. By week’s end, as Leo takes his exit and Virgo prepares to enter in his shadow, we look at a very different landscape. More respectful, more thoughtful, more aware of the primacy of life’s power of regeneration and renaissance, the shadows of the past receding under a rising light, we will be. The way there means turning from these cups we have been trying to fill in vain. Have we been stacking up hopes that will become nothing but a broken wall between us and what can be? Turn to see a new perspective, and the promise that the natural world holds for all.

King of Cups — Eight of Cups (reversed) — King of Rods

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot light

FOUNDATION: King of Cups

Are you in a comfortable spot now? The show is about to begin. Now, you have everything you need to sit comfortably while things unfold, and in the face of everything, you are able to keep a tiny smile in order. For us now, the King of Cups holds the promise of complacency, the fulfillment of feeling good about how well we are treading the waters of change as they rise up all around us. Yet, for all the truth and beauty in the world, he is sliding off his seat. Change being what it is, he has only partially saved himself from being dragged into the rising current of consciousness full of promise, full of turmoil, and just out of his line of sight. Will he still be smiling when his robes are all wet and heavy with the awareness that he is diving into? With a balance of heart and power, and a star to guide his inner sight, perhaps he realizes that sometimes, total transformation is a good thing. What a wise king.

LODESTONE: Eight of Cups (reversed)

Abandoning empty cups of promise is a good strategy for opening the path to higher levels of awareness. At least that is what the Eight of Cups sees to be indicating. If you have come to see that you’ve managed to stack the odds against yourself by stacking up beliefs that don’t hold water, pat yourself on the back. Such careful arrangements are going to be out of balance, anyway, and regardless of what you may have invested in them, they can’t serve you any longer. Best to turn around and hightail it for higher ground, where a greater perspective, closer to your guiding intuition, will allow you to find a more satisfying outcome. (Do you see the eclipse is even making an appearance! Everything is in balance for a new reality to come into being.) Look, just in front of you is a world full of promise, the calm waters of hope held in abundance in the natural world’s perfection. Waterfalls, and windfalls, lay ahead. Let go of the tiny things you had pinned your hopes on and turn to a bigger, more sustainable landscape.


The week ends with us in a vastly different landscape. The scouring will have brought us into a stark new reality. Will we see dark shadows of the past looming above our world, or will we greet a barren landscape as a blank canvas upon which to craft the light that suffuses the world with bold new dreams-come-true? One thing is certain: The shadowing of the light that the heavens offer us now is an opportunity to come into full ownership of our power. Our rightful power. As risen people, with a mature and thoughtful appreciation for what has brought us to the brink of a new world, we must hold our willful actions to a higher state of mind. The King of Rods points his finger upward, to remind us of this. This Leo-time eclipse (which you see clearly represented in the upper right corner of the card) brings us all to face facts, as we stand at the threshold of Virgo’s noble entry. Let no blood be spilled but hold all blood in sanctity, in remembrance of our shared destiny, in honor of life’s persistence.


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