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Can We Rise?

Sooner or later, spikes driven into ice will make it crack. We stand frozen in the face of a cold, unrelenting machinery of control, and the spikes of fear are being driven with greater ferocity, with almost reckless lust, into the body of our shared humanity. What will happen next, we wonder? Yet we remain frozen in fear, in disbelief, in confusion, shivering with the dichotomies of reason shattering what little we have left of a semblance of reason. Violent protests are but the skirmishes of a global mind set at war with itself.

And so we come to the point of division so bold, so unmasked in its demonic intensity, that we have to believe it’s finally the moment of awakening. There is no way to withstand the pressure any longer. The ice is cracking, and the thundering peal that will ring through the landscape of reality will deafen the rallying cries shouted by monstrous managers and shatter the sleep of those left still believing the nightmare dream to be real, and therefore somehow okay. If they could just keep sleeping.

It is not so much the breaking of literal ice shelves that is going to change the face of the planet. It is the splitting of great swathes of human beings from the stolid control of a heartless and frigid mentality of bending to oppression that will do the job. The tidal wave of consciousness that will wash around what comprises the human mind now present on the planet will leave no one untouched. It is promising to be a baptism of epic proportions, and it is sounding its early warning system now.

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot mind

This is what we can see in this week’s cards. Let there be no doubt left in anyone’s mind. The time for our ascension to the throne of self-sovereignty is nigh, not just for those intrepid individuals who have borne the task of hatcheting through the underbrush of systems of control, but for the whole of awakened humanity. It is for each of us to grasp the handle of unfettered mind and ascend to our rightful place as a free-thinking and sovereign human, for in the undertaking of such a work, we show a world waiting for its cue how to do the same. In claiming kingship of self, we gain self-rule for our kin. And we are all kin.

Echoing the figure on the Five of Swords card, the helmeted scion bearing the blades of division is standing right in front of you. You see it in every well-meaning comment about how righteous some way of thinking is, how limited is some other point of view. He shows his face with every nod in agreement with some polemical argument meant to bring wayward lost souls into the fold of enlightened right living. He smirks every time someone brazenly stands in front of another to block the way forward toward some goal misunderstood or mistaken for being wrong. When you buy into the lie of the day, when you embrace the momentary truth the loud voices have clothed in colors and costumes serving the purpose of some exclusionary noble cause, you become him. None can nobly be when he holds some truth apart from another. Neither when he disallows another the free pursuit of expressing what has been carried with the soul from our bright origins in cosmic light through the degradations of this matrix of modernity.

Drop the swords. Find your own truth and hold it close to your heart. Let your own light shine in your field of vision, and become master of your own mind.

In this way, we find our true nobility.

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