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Divided No Longer, the Kingdom of Mind Is Yours

Summary: It is singularity of thought that will bring you to the point of full expression of free and sovereign humanity. However, you must claim it for your own, and dare to own your mind in the face of a grand machinery of control, divestiture, and subjugation. Know that the ones who would turn your thoughts toward the lower echelons of human obeisance of mind have reached the limit of their world-domination stance, for a new light is breaking and you have only to reach beyond the edge of his visual field to turn your collective minds in a single direction and forge a unified direction ahead for humanity. Don’t allow the hand of control to divide you in mind any longer. The kingdom lay just ahead, and your power is already in hand.

Ten of Rods (reversed) — Five of Swords — King of Swords

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot mind


The keys to the kingdom are not yet yours… at least they’re not yet in the lock that keeps you from the tenancy of the future. You have them in hand, and they gradually grow more substantial the closer you get to your goal. Entry is not given, for something yet stands in your way. Your final approach looms just ahead of you, but the route is blocked for a short period of time. What is it that has been keeping you from reaching your destination? Nothing short of a lack of solid ground for you to advance upon. That is coming, but first there are a few matters of the mind to tend to. The core power you need, you already have. When the time arrives for movement through the gates, you will have your feet below you and your keys shined and primed for full activation. Meanwhile, stay focused on where you’re going.


Tolerance of thought has been low, and the keepers of mental order have been strong. They have driven the division of mind deep into the landscape of human experience. They strive to keep you from coming to consensus by inserting the message of division between individuals, and setting your thoughts into oppositional directions. Yet, in their greed for ownership of your mind, they have been incapable of holding on to everything. Despite seeming for all the world as superior, grotesque in their lust for holding your attention captive on thoughts of lower magnitude, they have left some of the pathways of reason and knowing by the wayside. They are yours, if you dare take them. Don’t let the gloom of present imbalances of power hinder your advancement. In the darkening skies, a new light is promised. You will have your day.


With a focused mind and the light of your awareness aimed directly ahead, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. You are at the peak of your power when you own your own mind, and when you have a clear understanding of your lighted sentience. Without doubt, without wavering, you have come to the singularity at which you can proclaim your sovereignty — not with loud shouts or riot, but with the sure presence of humanity risen. What had shown itself the source of oppression is now part of your strength. Wear your beauty as noble generations come to the pinnacle of transformation. It is within that the revolution has taken place, and there that you gain the throne of self-determination.


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    Maryann, I’m loving this! This has been a constant struggle of mine. I find myself having to meditate more often to exercise this. Even when I’m reading someone, the clutter of the outside seems to find it’s way in, giving me unclear messages at times. Owning our thoughts and mind IS ESSENTIAL!!!!!! Any exercises you can recommend for me?

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      Veronica, I’m so glad to hear that this is speaking to a core issue. Let’s see if this helps untangle things: Gladly set aside the things that you are unable to accomplish in the moment before you, as you choose to take a breath. It is in the realm of possibility to see the truth, and it is to your benefit to allow yourself the access to it. Let the mind settle into the zero-point space of suspended breath, having cleared with your exhalation all thoughts extraneous to you. Inhale and breathe in the beam of light that sources from OM. Feel it fill you and turn the inner dark shadows into fully flooded free zones of light. From here, feel your conscious awareness floating upward, and rest in a new buoyancy of spirit. There you will find the clarity to trust your field of vision.


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