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Keep Your Focus on the Fish

This week, I am entering into the depths of website development and feeling a bit over my head. I know the result will be worth the effort, because the present Opalescent Nine site is getting a complete overhaul and will bring the entire League of Light mission to a greater level of bright service at a time when it’s most needed. I can’t help but feel like the whole thing is going to come crashing on my head, though, as detail after technical detail turn into big messes. As I clean them up, I have watched time slip away at an alarming rate, measured in large part in minutes spent on tech support chats. I’m sure that at the end of this, not only will I have a fantastic experience to share with you all, but I’ll have learned a lot, too.

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot thought

Speaking of time slipping away, I have to admit that I’ve let my focus shift to the now-viral story of a certain book about a time-traveling boy named Baron Trump. If you’re not familiar with it, you probably soon will be: The 1890s publication of a book that spookily seems to have predicted the rise of Donald Trump, combined with Trump’s first-hand knowledge of Nicola Tesla’s personal notebooks, combined with a host of other things that together make for the kind of revelation that could just rock the world awake.  Questions trigger more speculation… is this why the Russia investigation is so heated? Is Donald Trump the reincarnation of General Patton? How many Mike Pences are there? Oh gosh, but these unexpected rabbit holes can turn into wild goose chases when there is work to do!

As I looked at the week’s cards and pondered how they were figuring in my reality, these two oppositional themes vied for attention. Obviously, I have to focus on my work. Obviously, new realities are at the cusp of crashing into our world, if what I’m seeing in the above-mentioned distraction is at all true (and I think there’s much worth considering there, and more). Doubtless, more connections will be made. That’s probably going to get more apparent as we approach the much-talked-about grand eclipse soon to darken the skies of America. What will be seen as the curtains are drawn?


As juicy as these forays into unraveling reality are, and as thunderous as the wave of revelation builds, I must keep my focus on the thing in front of me. This fish in a cup has something to say, and if all I can get out of it is to pay attention, that’s really what I have to do.

Never mind that the learning curve is steep; I got this covered. Never mind that I’m feeling afraid of not getting everything done “the right way”; it’s going to be perfect as it is designed by higher hands guiding me. Never mind that a half-dozen other thoughts intrude on my mindspace daily to impede my forward movement. All websites, as are we, are a work in progress. The truth is, I’m at the shore of a new reality, calm now but soon to be crashing down and taking with it all the remnants of thought that have kept me from breaking a cycle of limitation of what I believe myself to be. We all are.


All of this is about to be flipped upside down, and in the tenuous appearance of duality which will remain afterward, it is inner sight that will guide toward the heart of the matter. That’s the way forward. Swords is the suit of mind, and Cups the suit of the heart. What the triptych of cards reiterates again, as it seems to do week after week, is encouragement to get out of our heads and into our heart, to get a grip on the mind and appreciate its sharpness and light. To trust ourselves.

We got this. All we have to do is know we’re not trapped in the bondage of beliefs that have held us captive and blind for so long. The origins of that are a distant memory, fading fast.

We’re on the edge of a totally new reality, and new information is starting to come through that the mind alone can’t help us extrapolate. Stay focused on what your heart is whispering, stay focused on what’s in front of you and know that everything is about to change.


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    Focus it’s so hard when your slammed daily with the injustice of this . So I’m always trying to find a truth that I can discern the truth from. That’s seem so hard I try to read with an open mind but then again get blocked.


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