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New Consciousness, Old Beliefs

Summary: Surprises may present you with new experiences, and new realities may startle you by what they have for you to see. Keep your eyes open and attentive, while your heart leads you to find your way through the maze of thought and belief to the final discernment of dualistic foundations of the mind. Keep inner attention focused on intuition, and follow what rises from your heart to “think” your way through the week’s revelations. Relying on logic and habits of thought alone won’t be enough. It’s time to meditate and bring heart and mind into balance, if you are to understand the profound new wave of consciousness that’s about to hit.

Page of Cups — Eight of Swords — Two of Swords (reversed)

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot thought

Foundation: Page of Cups

Is everything going to turn upside-down? What you see happening in the early two or three days of the week may startle you on the certain level of knowing what you think. You may be in for a surprise, or you may simply come to realize that there’s more than what you bargained for within the endeavor you’ve just undertaken. How you respond is a matter of feeling where you stand in relation to what reveals itself. New information, new modes of understanding may leave you speechless, but remember that the core of who you are is still shining with self-aware knowingness. Free yourself enough from what takes your attention to reach toward that inner light, and let what happens happen. What reveals itself may itself bear revelations. Pay attention.

Lodestone: Eight of Swords

Feeling stuck bears no obligation to be a prisoner. Even more so if the bars around you are fashioned by your own mind. What binds you now also blinds you, yet disempowered you are not. Reach for the true knowing among all the potential realities that present themselves to you now, despite feeling as if there are cords you cannot escape. The fact is, you are already free. The dungeon of belief is far behind you. All you need to do is turn your inner sight heavenward and remember to coil your mental activity around your heart’s ever-present knowing. You stand on the edge of the absolute, yet certainty is just out of reach. Trust your intuition, and use the momentary sensation of paralysis to tune into a higher stream of consciousness.

Most OMward Direction: Two of Swords (reversed)

Duality is not the alpha-omega it pretends to be. In fact, once you grasp the idea that duality is merely a construct of thought, you gain freedom from all it represents, all it has made semblance of in this world. While the logical mind cannot easily grasp such bogglesome delineations of thought, the heart has a great facility with holding opposing truths at one and the same time. From within the depths of your human experience comes the mastery of oppositional realities. Let the heart rule the head in this moment, and allow yourself to find your grounding in a higher field of creation. Your intuition will guide you toward that truth that will lead you homeward, inward. If things look different afterward, it may well be that they are. Stay balanced, and center your awareness in the mysteries whispered by the heart.

About Maryann Rada and Pleiadian Tarot: Transmitting through the lens of Nine, from the Pleiadians of the League of Light and the family of channeled communications that makes up the core of the site Opalescent Nine, comes this week’s insight. New insights for the world and for individuals are posted here every week, so be sure to check back regularly to see the next step in collective evolution that the Pleaidians have clues for. For those who don’t yet know my work, I’ve been posting transmissions for the last decade from the League of Light, and have just released my fifth book, Pleiadian Renegade: Thoughts of Higher Magnitude. The tarot-themed insights you find here are the latest iteration of the League of Light’s service to awakening humanity. For more insights, visit the links at the Nine’s Path website, and stay connected to this vital, vibrant, and very personable line of sentience.


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