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End of Empire

Summary: How shall we navigate from the rocky road of embattled, out-of-touch empire toward the wide-open vistas of conscious creativity unleashed? It is by welcoming our empowerment. As we embrace our primal spiritual light, the edifice of immovable dominance gives way to a great adventure of human beingness. Ancient bloodlines of control hold tight their symbols. Yet a new wave of humanity has stepped forward, eyes wide open, fully mindful of the shift in consciousness that’s happening. Recycling and renewing concepts of stewardship of the spirit lead to a refined, elevated connection to our fullest potential. We’re moving closer to rebirth.

The Emperor — Strength (reversed) — Page of Cups

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot empire


Chiseled features betraying age that shows in silvered hair, the stiff, silent Emperor stands guard at the gates of the empire. Number Four of the Major Arcana, he holds the symbols of ancient religion in the golden loop of the ankh and global dominion in the white sphere. It seems the laurel wreath blinds him to all but what is held before him between these polarities of control. As the rams above his head surveil the sheep, so he tends his people. What a figure of Roman imperialism he casts in this position! He comes to us now as the old guard stands face-to-face with popular unrest, dissatisfaction, and philosophical doubt in claims of ascended leadership. Rome’s foundations quake as the earth itself shakes itself loose from the structures built upon it. Can we see through the Emperor’s clothes? Scales show themselves beneath the regal robes of red. Certainly this is a time for weighing the cost of people’s trust in those who take the reins of empire. Time to look past figureheads, and see the empire they guard.

LODESTONE: Strength (reversed)

Number Eight in the Major Arcana, Strength stands double the number of The Emperor. The half-loop he holds tightly freely expresses infinity in the presence of native human strength. It is not the strength of numbers that frees from fear, but strength of the spirit. The divine feminine has been nurtured in recent weeks, as we have seen in the cards, by the supportive presence of the lion. This week, human spirit and leonine are in harmony, the totem of strength taking full balance of the space of the card. The mountainous landscape has parted and takes the form of angelic wings behind her. This is quite literally a concrete expression of a symbol we have seen in recent weeks as well. What remains to be addressed is the upside-down arrangement of this card, today. In gaining the fully divine empowerment of the human spirit, the crown of empirical control must be dislodged from its supremacy of the mind. The lion gives support as the woman turns the tables on the laurel wreath. Can you feel where you can strengthen your spirit in the face of oppressive circumstances, and open wide the landscape of your world?


It is said in holy books that a child will lead the way to a state of perfected being, or words to that effect. It is becoming more apparent that the staid structures of the past are failing the burgeoning human spirit. As consciousness pushes back the boundaries of control, new creativity comes flooding in to the collective of mind and heart. Opening the idea of a world held in the controlling hand of empire must give way to a world wide open and a bygone age let go. As the age of the fish, Pisces, gives way to water bearer Aquarius, the fullness of consciousness is free to find new expression. The hand that was clasped onto the old finite forms of ritual now opens to a raised, lighted ideal of a higher dimension of truth. The Page in his innocence deftly mirrors the stiff, old Emperor. He stands as a representative of a new generation ready to usher in a new age of human beingness. His eyes lock on the infinite potential rising to meet the wakening mind, while the spiritually empowered human closes her eyes to the lock-step of history. Waves are set to crash.


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