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Christ Lights the Conscious Mind

Summary: Three, Six, Nine, this week’s number line. From the integrative inception of higher-consciousness whispers, through the nesting of sacredness, comes a full experience of christed recognition of self. Love is the foundation, as connection to the divine sweeps away doubt and division. With the clearing of the mind, the eternal radiance of self can shine, guiding us and those with us to higher geometries of light. This is our birthright as divinely lit humans. Mindful of the catalyst of illuminated awareness sparking change, we step into the higher power of Nine. Can we carry Christ within? The question is, are you ready to step into total transformation, fully unified, in recognition of the divine being you become? With your power grounded in Nine, you can.

The Lovers — The Hermit — Nine of Rods

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot christ


If you’ve been paying attention to the inner revolution, less so to the news, you will have noticed a definite shift that has taken place.  You are finding out what it is to hold in your hands the awareness of compassion, higher attunement, and old timelines decoded. What was the magnetic pull of inner conscious growth has settled in as the foundation for this week. Let the realizations of charity and christ consciousness continue. Settle in to the conjoined heartspace where human connection, inner recognition, and higher levels of spiritual intimacy create the stable envelope of your beingness in this now-moment. Cherish what you have discovered. It won’t be long until the fullness of an expanded, elevated reality makes itself known. For now, it is understood; you have the knowingness, and you have a moment yet to reflect. Love presents us all with this whisper from above: “Be still, and know that you are divine, so reach within and be one with love’s presence.” The balanced male-female energetics of human expression joined in recognition of the divine Self create a fundamental resonance of 3.


High above the activity of earthly pursuits, the christed mind watches with kind regard while one last gasp of the night’s shadows retreat from the advancing sun. The christed mind is ancient and ever-present within the still-point of alignment of sacred geometric perfection. The Hermit represents our need for rising to the awareness of the silent observer, and a knowingness of how to shine the light on world affairs. It is not to be other than grounded in a sense of ancient power, steadfast and cloaked in the humility of service that the call now rises from within you. Where have you brought your light that it may guide those yet shrouded in the structures that obscure the approaching dawn? The ones in the shadows may not notice the new day coming, but the change of light is visible if you raise your in-tunement. Six is the midpoint of change this week, and the work you need to do is already known to you, or soon will be. Remember where you have been, soul journeyer. Shine the effulgence the stars have shared with you. It is time for higher wisdom to shine on a darkened world, and you are the one holding the lantern now. Compassion will guide your power to where it is needed most.


The comfort of times past give you the mettle to take hold of your own power in the tests that lay ahead. There was a time when you knew what it was to be loved. In the recognition of that, you have secured your line of sight to be fixed on the star that points toward home. What you carry within you will give you the wisdom you seek. From the risen mind comes the maturity that will come to full force in the days ahead. Change is happening fast, but you are moving quickly too, in terms of understanding and integration. All that had been in division comes into union within you, yourself. Let the light you carry guide you to this understanding, and act in accordance with the higher power of Nine surrounding you and within you. More dynamic change is ahead. Are you ready to do what you came here to do? With the awareness of Nine, you are fully empowered, integrated, and sure. The boy becomes the man, and the holy light lives within. It is the time for christedness to be and become.


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    WOW just WOW…stunning Maryann and the answer to the question is yes yes yes…Thank you beloved one…


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