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Truth Is Power

Summary: What starts out as an irresistible urge to give voice to the truth you carry is swiftly transformed into masterful magic made real. Where division once reigned under darkened skies, the light of truth promises fast-moving change. Underneath what you present as “you” to the world is the essence of a master of transformation. What you show as your light is where this true self lives, where you remain in balance between the divine source from which you come and the human being you have come here to be. Suffused within the light of your heart lives the potential for peace in the world. Now is a time for bringing that forward, fearless in your mastery, secure in the truth you hold.

Knight of Swords — The Magician — Three of Cups

Nine's Path Pleiadian weekly tarot truth

FOUNDATION: Knight of Swords

The week begins with an aggressive push for change. The point that comes between the you and me of people in conversation carries the concept of “weapon”. Wisdom, however, is the thing that is really under consideration. When the rush for change brandishes threat rather than clear thinking, the stage is set for dark days. Today, the energy of change moves with a strong, steady hand. Ideas articulated with angels standing just behind, we follow the urge forward into voicing our truth. No matter what shadows loom overhead, we feel drawn toward a source of light that sparks the mind-space of shared social consciousness. Whether you see situations blocking your way or some sleeping sentry at the gates, the alarm you carry is the light of mind directed to higher truths. Your inner truth now needs its voice. What faces you now is a culmination of understanding that has reached a level of needing to be expressed. It can be veiled in obscurity no longer. Speak your truth, knowing you wear the wings of a divine messenger.

LODESTONE: The Magician

When you take off the armor protecting you from the ravages of a darkened, barren world, what is revealed is nothing less than a master of time and space. Whether it is magic or mastery is a matter of semantics, for you have no need to label yourself, nor wear the label anyone wants you to carry. Instead, your inner power as a soul mastering form shines from a heart and mind in harmonic alignment. Within the light of your being, you live in a state of perfection. All of nature supports and celebrates the presence you bring to bear in this moment. Are you aware that you have everything at your disposal? All that you need to bring “heaven on earth” into being is there, ready for you to wield. It is time to realize that you are the conduit of transformation. Heaven’s hidden realms are within your reach. Dark corners of the world stand no chance of escaping your omniscient awareness when you direct it toward hidden spaces in need of nurturing light. Indeed, the light of life is all around you, within you; you are an emanation of it. Stand calm, strong, and secure in recognition of your true nature.


It is not the mind but the heart that brings humanity together in peaceful coexistence. Rather, the shared space of the heart nourishes bonds of amity. The nature of magic is really the magic of nature, and the generator of that abundance of energy is the human heart. In coming together is the power made manifest, when the background light where the magic lives is brought into being. Three sisters bound not by blood but by the heart bear the mystery of communion that leads to peace and well-being. Differences disappear when one heart is put side by side with another, when eyes meet in concord under the bower of life that arches above us all. Recognizing the essential truth in the heart of another is to recognize one’s self therein. In this is the way forward into magic-made-real. Where is your presence called for this week? Be there, be welcome, be in tune with the sacredness of life’s essence that makes us all humans, no matter what world we are from.


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