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Finding Your Place of Truth

Summary: Before you land in your place of truth, you have to uproot yourself somewhat from where you’ve been. You find you’re okay with that if you can just maintain your focus amid the shifting energies. Stability will come. For now, aim through the various tasks at hand and let memories surface, letting go with a blessing to your freedom from time. Soon, you’ll be speaking your truth quite clearly.

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The Fool (reversed)  — Two of Pentacles — Queen of Swords

place of truth Nine's path Pleiadian Tarot

Before you land in your place of truth, you have to uproot yourself from where you've been. Stay open to the descent of higher knowledge, and focus. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Share on X

FOUNDATION: The Fool (reversed)

Ungroundedness can have its benefits. Transplanting yourself, for instance, requires a complete uprooting from the stable foundation you’ve grown from. When circumstances require new ground, moving can require some method of destabilization. You’re on the verge of making something new of yourself, but it hasn’t yet materialized. If you feel you’re in the no-man’s-land in between somethings, rest assured it’s a temporary condition. You’ll soon be righting yourself in front of a new set of circumstances, and from there you’ll be able to consider your options. For now, however, entertain the possibilities that joy may have in store for you, when finally you find yourself down the road of greater awareness. Facing new potentials can certainly be destabilizing, but there’s no need for that to pose a problem for you or anyone else, if you can contain your sensibilities. Not that you shouldn’t enjoy the freedom the moment offers: Every silver-lined cloud has to be spied first, before finding what’s inside. Go after your dream but for now, keep it close to your heart. It’s in formative stages. If you feel the need to take a nap rather than go out and play in the fields of expanding consciousness, do that. There’s plenty to discover within, as you head toward the place of truth.

LODESTONE: Two of Pentacles

While the ground may feel like shifting sand and you may be well aware of a rising tide of consciousness in the background, the moment calls for you to get in touch with what you’re doing. Trying to do too much isn’t going to serve you. While you’re in the in-between, make the most of the moment; focus on what you have in front of you rather than what’s going on behind you. Your task is to move forward through the most advantageous point of creation for your future self to successfully carry out your mission. Only you know what that is. If you’re not yet aware of it, rest assured it is coming into focus. The balance you find now will help you move forward with grace and confidence. You can’t rush this. Let the world tumble and rumble while you find your place in the sun. What memories surface right now are part of the moment of review. Aim them toward the highest point of departure and let them go. Having dealt with the past by letting it sail on will free you for what is at hand. What that is, right now, is a set of tasks you have to complete. Stay balanced and focused, and you’ll get done what needs to be done, freeing yourself to move on. Trust yourself, because you know exactly what you’re doing.


As memory clears and leaves you in a state of stellar clarity, new winds arise to pull you into the future. Questions and conundrums soon recede, leaving the answer clear in front of you. You have the power of mind and the clarity of vision to recognize the truth of your circumstance. By staying open to the descent of higher knowledge, you have moved beyond the possibility of having made a mistake. Your reasoning has attuned and anchored into something untouchably pristine, sanctified and sanitized, surgically sharp in its poise. You are about to shift into a higher settled space of knowingness and power. You already know you’ll be ready for it. Others will find your clarity something to seek out. If so, you’re ready to speak. What you have to say, free from emotionality or wavering, will pierce through any shade of obfuscation. Stability of heart leads you to a place of truth, which you hold without apology, having earned the high place of compassionate discernment in a no-nonsense way. You’re on your way to claiming your space.


“Follow us to where the secrets of nature are quietly proclaimed by people in the know. It’s called the databank of creative possibility and it drains people of their need for clarity about the need for the subjective truth behind events and hours of their lives and instead gives them a more multidimensional perspective on things.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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