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No more delays … While wish fulfillment can sometimes be instantaneous, within the matrix of time the perception between wish and fulfillment can give you a sense of separation. Remember that you are always connected with everything. The limitations you erect around you are the sole barriers to experiencing the life you wish to have. As an individual, you sometimes have the magnanimity of heart to break down those barriers. Forgiveness, resolution, trust, all the healing you can muster are formidable against the remnants of whatever bricks you used to build those walls of separation. Take your ability to transform your life a step further now, and turn those bricks into blessings.

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All around you are reminders of what glory and joy can be had. What you see depends on the lenses you place in front of your heart. True seeing requires clarity, so get honest with yourself and pump out the sludge from the system. Polish your lens and take a closer look at what’s staring you right in the face. Removing yourself from an illusion can have the effect of magical transformation, but remember, it’s all there. Like the moon waiting to be illuminated in the night sky, you just need to move out of the way of your own inner light’s magnanimity, and you’ll see the things that had been waiting for discovery. The real treasure you seek is assembling right now. It’s already there. Just reach out and trust that, through love, you’ll find it.

Future generations await the wisdom of the elders, yet often don’t know they’re not listening to what they hear. Entrusted with the most tender of hearts, are you open to teaching the way to wisdom? All things follow when the path is made clear, when the spectres are swept away and the stain of time is burnished from the surface of pure potential. Renew your trust in the magnanimity of nature and life, in the generous nature of life, and open yourself to new avenues of appreciation. What you can’t see, feel. Reach out to find the love and the love will meet you, perhaps in surprising new forms. Whatever it is that you have been seeking, magnify those healing forces of life that never tarnish, and you will find your way to receiving the good fortune that is love’s promise.


This post focuses awareness on the three-card spread of this week’s Pleiadian Tarot message. Nine’s Path Pleiadian Tarot messages are posted every Thursday, with a follow-up single-card reading for keeping on the path posted the following Monday.

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