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Honor Yourself, and Let Your Heart Awaken

Summary: What had to be done, you’ve done, with help both seen and unseen and a lot of energy of your own. You haven’t missed the brilliance of the accomplishment, so reflect for a moment on how that feels. You’ve got stories to tell that no one’s heard yet. The time ahead calls for an emptying of all you’ve carried in your emotional body. Honor yourself, and allow balance to find it self again.

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Six of Rods  — Queen of Rods — Queen of Cups (reversed)

Honor yourself, and move into a state of equilibrium. It hasn't been easy, but you've accomplished it. Now, prepare for the rebalancing of life's elements. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Share on X


It hasn’t been easy, necessarily, but you’ve done it. What you had to do, you’ve accomplished. Now’s the time to honor yourself and allow the recognition for a job well done to light the field around you. It’s not that you did it all singlehandedly, either. Faithful companions and unseen helpers have been with you all the while. Those who have accompanied you on your noble quest have gained from their endeavors and their connection to something that’s greater than you had ever thought. And while the task itself had many components and was part of a bigger, broader, more powerful mission than what you shouldered, by keeping your focus with a pointed intent, you speared the target. Everything else falls neatly into place as you move steadily on toward the much-deserved rest that awaits. Remember: you may have held the reins, but unseen hands guided the way. Everyone involved is in recognition of that, and more than recognition, in awe. Within the humbleness of that lay the true glory. What a grand mission you have been chosen for! There is little that carries more undying brilliance than traveling the soul’s way. Bravo!

LODESTONE: Queen of Rods

Now that you’ve come to a point where you can say “It’s done”, seize the moment and feel what you’ve gained. Honor yourself and what you have set out to do, knowing that the moment merits your reflection. More awaits, to be sure; adventure is promised, but for the moment, let yourself glow. Attention and praise have their fleeting satisfaction, but what you’re fostering within now is much more than that. You’ve brought the inner lion to life. Your determination to make it has brought you to a kind of critical mass, in which a molecular transformation takes place and your inner light glows more brightly. You have passed through the fires of purification and tempering, and come out stronger, more vibrant, more resilient than ever. If you need to settle in a comfortable place for the moment, do. The inner lion, waking as it is, has some stories of its own to share… all in good time. After a moment’s rest, you’ll feel more comfortable revealing the secrets of your strength. Until then, revel in what you’ve achieved, and know that you’ve touched lives beyond the edges of your personal periphery.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Queen of Cups (reversed)

While you’ve gone on a holy quest, you’ve had to carry your secret experience in the quiet confines of your heart. There has been little time to explore, let alone share, all that has transpired within you of late. The turbulence of your life’s recent landscape has all but turned things upside-down. Even with that, however, you have maintained your innate nobility. Such is your native core of honor that none would notice a hair out of place. You can’t be bothered, as you’re carrying your heart’s crucible with great care, just to get to the edge of a moment when you can feel things are set aright. That time is coming. The calm seas will return and your emotional state will find its bearings. You’ll breathe easier once you find that balance around your head. That will come with having the space to pour out your heart. Create that sacred space, and trust that your intent to do so will be met as universal forces rebalance themselves around you. Honor yourself, for by doing so you more gracefully move into a state of equilibrium. From there, your emotional state will find the rejuvenation you crave.


“You still have to do your work as a people to achieve brotherhood among yourselves. No one else can. Your drama may be getting to be too much for you to bear, but you must remain on the dream team and not allow yourself to disappear from the rest of humanity. No other person besides you can do what you are uniquely positioned and prepared to do. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be glad you did. No one but you.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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