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Feel the Point of Coherence

Seriously? … You are pretty sure you’re ready. You’ve already made that clear to the universe, to the divine mind, to Source. What’s with the delay? Stand firm and make sure you’re grounded. Gather your inner resources and distill them into a clear note of pure intent. Send it out through the fields in the way that new energetics are impulsing you to understand. What’s this? A recalibration may be necessary for you to come into the right arrangement of personal physics to make sure your message is heard, loud and clear. Don’t fail yourself now. Everything depends on how vigilant you are with the message you have to relay.

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Everything is losing all semblance of the familiar. What you have recognized as your landscape is becoming stripped down to bare geometry. As polarity tends toward extremes, what is left is infrastructure, and upon that, whatever frequency you lay upon it. Right now, there’s little need to pay attention to any of that. It’s drama that is far beyond the edges of your purview. For this moment, you are grounded, and you are clear. You feel what you have been carrying for lifetimes upwelling and taking form as raw sound, as pure tone, as primordial wavelengths finding coherence in a temporal reality for which they were destined. Let it be.

For what remains, know that you represent the carrier wave of a form that has yet to settle into coherence. What you have been moving through time with as a sentient sound, as a meaningfulness, is beginning to unleash itself into the field. You’re there. You’ve come to the point at which you meet the beginning of What Is To Come. All you have to do is to stand anchored to what has become coalesced into form around you and let yourself sing. You are waiting for the echo. When you hear it, you’ll be ready to move into the next point of your soul’s mission. For now, you’re exactly where you need to be. Let loose with what you have to express, for you have nourished it through time for this moment, now. You’ve found the point of coherence.

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