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Mastery of Emotion Means Releasing the Pain

Summary: Rising from recent chaos, you find yourself steady in terms of having found some mastery of emotion. You’re finding your power, and with that clarity, you’re also becoming aware of how your own inner conversations have been the source of wounding. The root of your pain is within, not without. Identify and extract those conversations you have with yourself that reflect around you. You’re nearly ready to move forward. Just be sure you’re settled before making a reckless move.

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King of Cups  — Three of Swords (reversed) — The Fool (reversed)

Mastery of emotion requires mastery of self-talk. Where has your own self-talk found the root of pain? Time to be free, but not reckless. Let yourself heal. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: King of Cups

If it seems as if the circus has come to town and activities are in full swing, you might have noticed some things out of the ordinary amid the cavalcade. Conversations bubbling over into mutual discovery, unexpected awareness popping onto your screen… these and more are part of the settling turbulence of recent weeks. As the skies clear, you find yourself strangely calm. Could it be that you have risen as the waters of chaos recede? Mastery of emotion and responsible wielding of power mark this moment of coming-to. Your steady assurance denotes having come to grips with the chalice of your heart; you are able to relate without checking in on your notes or running a quick assessment of the gradient of feelings. You just know how to respond from a centered and stable foundation of compassionate empathy. This may be a new experience for you. The clarity of what you regard may be revelatory in itself. Whatever the circumstances, you seem to be coming to terms with what it is to gain mastery of emotion, and with that comes self-recognition in a most satisfying way. Keep an eye out for others in whom you can recognize that aspect of self.

LODESTONE: Three of Swords (reversed)

There are conversations, and there are conversations. Only you know what you say to yourself in the privacy of your own inner space. But wait… have you yet realized that your inner talk spills out in ways that betray you? The wounds you inflict upon yourself in private are never disconnected from what goes on around you. If you have felt the sting of words or actions, right now, take a pause and reflect on how your experience may have its roots in the inner sanctum of your own pain. There is nothing that cuts so deep as self-destruction. The time has not come to lose faith, not in yourself, not in what is reflected in your reality. Au contraire, it is a time for recognizing where the self-inflicted wounds have cut the deepest and extract the instrument of torment you have cast into your own depth of feeling. Mastery of emotion requires mastery of self-talk. Try turning the conversation around the axis of understanding, and you may just find yourself to be understood. Recently, the dark side of the moon revealed in black light where the secrets to your pain have hid. If you’re ready to be free, free yourself by allowing the transformation that’s present. The heart is not a gordian knot to be severed. The knife removed, the glory will reveal itself and the treasure be found.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: The Fool (reversed)

Ready? Set… Wait! You may have most of your ducks in a row, but the starting signal has not yet sounded. Sit back a minute and think. You may be ready to move, but the moment has not yet ripened. Why might that be? Before you move forward, you’ll need to let some things sink in and be fully understood. Hearts leaping forward without some grounding can lead even the most trusting of spirits to a wall of oblivion. There’s no need to cast your fortune to the wind, not completely, not yet. Let some things fall into place. While you’re working on mastery of emotion, consider the consequences of letting everything move into fast-forward without the path having settled. Everything is coming into place, but you aren’t going to see that road ahead just yet. Trust is essential, yes, but recklessness isn’t going to help you get where you want to be any faster. Before you leap, look, take a breather, and let your exuberance coalesce into a strong and clear impetus. Perhaps take a look to see if fear is lurking beneath what seems like a good plan. You can’t control everything, you know. At some point, you’ll have to trust. When that point comes, be sure you’ve settled that understanding within yourself. Be honest now. When you’re ready, you’ll know. Dare to sit with that for a minute.


“If you can learn the logic of Six without fear tripping you up, you can bring yourself to a level of mastery that you probably have never before imagined not only possible, but necessary to your soul’s creation as love in action.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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