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Rise More Freely Now

Anything’s possible… Now that the ballast is cut and you’ve lost the weight of the world in the recent planetary torque, you’re free. Relatively, as that may be, still you have a sense of having been cut loose from something. No longer are you held in a waiting position, no more do you have to bide your time and try to make sure your words hit the right empty spaces to ensure you’re heard. Open your mouth and let your heart sing. Your message has ripened. If you want others to hear it, rise more. Know that you’ve just stepped onstage and the audience is all yours. Do that creative thing, trust that the formula has come together in just the right way to give life to what inner elements have been waiting to live.

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Having entered into a fresh space, clear from remnants of what you have left behind, you find yourself in total possession of your own power. Have you noticed that you’re leaning on your own internal axis lately? Have you felt the need to rest your hand on another to gain your balance? More and more, you’re finding that you have what you need, and that while you’ve been perfectly content to be part of the world, you don’t have to define yourself on another’s basis. You are who you are and you’re ready to say “I am here!” There’s no need for further prepping. You’re ready. The motor has been primed.

Once you discover the futility in trying to connect with the baser levels of human awareness, you can release the need to try to make your frequency felt in the bath of chaos. Your clarion voice is meant for higher realms of awareness, so direct your message there. Let it be enough that you have tried. Let yourself try to rise more now than ever. Your wings are on the way to lift you to where your message will find the right trajectory for maximum effect. You’re looking into the azimuth now, not into the depths of inner earth. You’re plugged in where and how it matters most. Let loose and wait to hear the echo. Allow your own answer to rise more clearly from within.

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