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When Things Get Weird, Have Absolute Trust in Yourself

Summary: With all the options of which road of reality to follow, with all the strangeness that’s presenting itself, it’s imperative that you have absolute trust in yourself. Your confidence and focus now will usher in a time of celebration and glory. First, though, you have to discern what’s real from what’s not. That means you have to zero in on your inner truth. Trust your intuition, even if you feel things get a a little weird.

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Seven of Cups  — Queen of Rods — Page of Cups (reversed)

nine's path pleiadian tarot weekly jan 17

Have absolute trust in yourself. It's easy to get sidetracked from what you discovered in the inner world. Confidence is the name of the game. #pleiadian #tarot #nine Click To Tweet

FOUNDATION: Seven of Cups

What a lot of shiny things have been presenting themselves to you. It’s easy to get sidetracked from what it was you discovered in your deeper probings of the inner world. What was that again, that singularity that drew you deeper into yourself than you’d been in a long time? Despite what is showing up as all things drop into place, maintain your ideals, and recognize everything in front of you for what it is: a reflection of an aspect of something that you desire. All that you now see, in all the various shades and shapes it comes in, is an echo of that primordial “yes” that you heard from your soul. Remember how you found that response from yourself, and see within all the aspects of form the creative answer to your dreams being given voice. Nothing is going to pull you from your course, unless you decide to follow it into the nether, where it may simply dissolve and leave you with an empty cup. Remember that you have infinite creative potential to shape your dreams as you will. Appreciate that about yourself and move into the unknowing sphere of action with absolute trust in yourself.

LODESTONE: Queen of Rods

Confidence is the name of the game, and it’s exactly that which you’ve drummed into being. Feel the groundedness that comes with being in accord with your innate power. You know that you have what it takes to bring about a revolution, and to be in the perfect seat from which to enjoy a celebratory period of recognition. First, though, really get in touch with that confidence you carry. Even if it’s deep, even if it takes carrying a talisman to remind you of your quest. You are ready to bring home the energies that you’ve sent out, to concentrate the acquisition of all that you have been working on, to shine with the radiance of having distilled the essence of pure ability renegotiated from the past and firmly set with absolute trust in yourself and the future. You’ve got this, and it’s going to take you into a revelation of everything you have already known, reaffirming to you the eternal renewal of what it is to know who you are. Bring yourself home now, and be ready for the glory to shine. People are going to notice.

MOST OMWARD DIRECTION: Page of Cups (reversed)

Are you ready for this? Ask yourself, and ask someone else to ask you too. It’s important to have absolute trust in yourself, for what you’re doing now, and for your part in the plan moving forward. Take a moment and contemplate the strangeness of the moment before you. It’s like nothing else you’ve experienced before, so you might as well appreciate it. You won’t be able to figure it out using the same methods and mindset that have served you before. Perhaps this may trigger you to doubt your intuition. Don’t. Your intuition is doing just fine. It’s your ability to compute what’s in front of you that’s giving you trouble. Take things as they are and move forward with what falls in your lap. You’re asked to be as exuberantly creative as you are able. In doing so, you may surprise yourself with how ingeniously you’re able to weave seeming madness into a sane picture of things making sense. All the while, be aware of whispers that seem like they aren’t your own. You might be dealing with some things that aren’t actually part of your own reality. Brush them away and retune yourself to what you honestly feel. If you can’t, let the moment pass. Realize that everyone is dealing with some form of oddness, and that may lead to oddness around you. Maintain your trust in the deepest part of yourself.


“Becoming aware, you are able to discern real from not-real and be naturally crowned with light energy of proud daring-to-be in a sea of conscious particles of thought. As you gain experience discerning real from not-real, you are faced with a conundrum. If everything is particulate thought and light slowed down to a dark density, then how is reality distinguishable from anything other than itself? That is the nom de plume: Reality is the author, but Illusion’s name is on the book. Let us explore the intricacies of reality. It is much more real than you might think.”

— An excerpt from Opalescence: The Pleiadian Renegade Guide to Divinity

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