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Cut the Ballast to Prepare for Flight

Look back… Are you ready to cut the cord to the ballast? The road you’ve traveled has led you to this moment. Around you have descended the heavy thoughts of life weighed down by tough experience in the wilderness. Yet here you are, having braved the worst of it and arrived as master of your own mind. What haven’t you faced on your journey? You bear the accoutrements of your noble path well. You have honed your mind to a gleaming sharpness. Yet something awaits your face-to-face encounter. Now is the moment to bring to the forefront of your mind that gleaming point of light that has guided you true thus far, to set your sights, and to bravely be.

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You’ve cut through so much of what has lain before you on the path toward honor and respect that you have chosen. All along the way, you have garnered respect, not only for having conquered time but for having gained wisdom. You wear it well, and those adversaries from whom you have won your prizes of respect and deference have draped you with the symbols of their regard. Rest and know who you are. The moment silences itself for your inner acknowledgment. Within your realm of mind, nothing stirs at this point, and you are able to find perfect balance. From here, you will move. For now, feel your power gather.

Soon, you will meet another adversary. This one lay not on the path ahead of you, however. It lay in the deep recesses of time, in the land from which you have come. Your roots are calling you back to make a final cut. Are you ready? What lay ahead is beckoning, yet the loft needed to take you home cannot lift you until you cut the ballast. If the way is unclear, yet you sense there is something to do, merely turn in the direction and allow your higher sight to shine the light. You will find what you need to do. You maintain a steady grip on the wisdom you have woven into a singular personal treatise of honor. Move with that and allow time to meet you.


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